What I learned at ENTITY

When I entered ENTITY Academy, I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was up in the air when I entered the office two months ago for the first time as an intern, but I’m definitely glad I took that risk.

I didn’t know that I’d walk out a better, faster writer. I also didn’t realize I’d come out of the program with more details on what I actually enjoy about this field.

Here are three things ENTITY Academy gave me:

1. A Newfound Love For Design

What I learned at ENTITy

Before the internship, I never used Adobe programs. Designing graphics with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign seemed intimidating and technical. Without professional help, most of us learn through online tutorials.

Through ENTITY, I was able to learn Adobe programs with certified Adobe instructors who knew the programs inside and out. I’ve created article graphics, infographics and social media posts and fell in love with designing.

2. Upped my Writing Game

ENTITY academy

Before this mentorship, most of my writing experience was academic. Through ENTITY Academy, I learned to write concisely and write fast. Writing on deadline is challenging and difficult, but now I can write four or five articles a day without pulling out my hair.

I learned search engine optimization (SEO) and have written about subjects I had no clue about until I started researching. Fact-checking is now second nature and coffee is now my best friend.

3. Career Skills

What I learned at ENTITY

ENTITY Academy has equipped me with skills that can apply to any positions I take in the future. I have experience with digital and grass-roots marketing and can make a marketing plan. I learned how to pitch stories and events. I learned how to interview people and speak in front of an audience with ease. I’ve learned to be confident taking on any task and utilizing the skills I have to complete it.

ENTITY Academy has allowed me to explore different fields by equipping me with a diverse range of skills. I’m happy that I’ll be going out into the real world after these seven weeks with more confidence and a better idea of how to succeed.

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