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Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever someone at a party suggests playing “Never Have I Ever,” I want to immediately leave the premises. When you’ve been playing the same party games since childhood, you start to crave a little variety. At this point, I pretty much have the whole Cards Against Humanity deck memorized. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a big fan of charades.

We’re in desperate need of some alternatives, and I’m here to provide.

Here are five hilarious indoor party games that’ll get everyone into a festive mood.

1 Sticker Stalker

ENTITY discusses cool ideas for summertime indoor party games.

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Sticker Stalker is the true test of stealth. Think of it as tag meets 007.

How to Play:

All party-goers receive a sheet of stickers upon arrival. There’s a recommend maximum of ten stickers per person.

The challenge is to get rid of all of your stickers by placing them on other partygoers without them noticing.

If someone catches you planting a sticker on them, you must take your sticker back, and they’re allowed to put one on you instead. Your espionage skills better be top-notch.

The first person to get rid of all their stickers wins!

2 Pass the Orange

ENTITY proposes a good old-fashioned round of Pass the Orange as one of your fun indoor party games.

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This hilarious game is more commonly known as “the weird ice-breaker you play at job meetings.” However, it’s used for a reason. This game gets you up-close-and-personal with your friends. Very close.

How to Play:

First, divide the group into two lines.

Give the person at the head of each line an orange to hold between their chin and neck.

On the count of three, both players must pass their respective oranges to their next teammate’s chin, without using hands.

If the orange drops at any point during the game, it’s passed back to the first person and the line starts again. The fastest team wins.

Tip: Play this game with any other odd-shaped fruit or vegetable at hand. However, don’t use anything too squishy.

3 I Like Cherries

ENTITY knows you'll have fun with these hilarious indoor party games.

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Here’s one more fruit-related party game coming your way!

How to Play:

This game works best when using two to three players at a time. Place a bowl in front of each player. The bowl must contain a cherry or a strawberry.

The person to eat their cherries the fastest wins, but they can’t use their hands. Trust me, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s more. 

Next, add a big ol’ pile of whipped cream to each bowl. Nowyou may begin.

Tip: Don’t forget to take pictures of your guests faces at the end of each round for maximum entertainment.

4 Paranoia

ENTITY wants you to have fun with these cool indoor party games.

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You’ll learn a lot about your friends while playing this game.

How to Play:

Arrange the players in a circle.

The person that goes first whispers a question to the person sitting on their right. Nobody else is allowed to hear. This question should ideally be about other people in the circle. For example, the first person asks, “Which person here do you most want to kiss?” This is just a sample question. It could be less intimate, such as, “Who in the circle is most likely to get arrested? Make the questions as tame or as raunchy as you’d like them to be.

The person says their answer out loud for the rest of the group to hear.

This is where the “paranoia” part of the game comes into play. Someone flips a coin. If the coin lands heads up, the players reveal the question to the group. If the coin lands on tails, the question remains a mystery. The best and worst part of this game is being the answer to a question, but not knowing the question.

5 Kiss or Slap

ENTITY wants you to have fun with these cool indoor party games.

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Think of Kiss or Slap as Truth or Dare’s funnier, more impulsive cousin. It might sound a bit like I’m straying too far into the realm of horny, middle school-esque party games. Trust me, Kiss or Slap is a classic that simply can’t be beat. Plus, it’s about as simple as it sounds.

How to Play:

Someone spins the bottle. Whoever it lands on will have to give the spinner a kiss or slap.

Here’s where things gets interesting. The spinner leaves the room, while the remaining players are left to decide. The person that the bottle landed on gets no input, unfortunately.

Once the group has come to a majority decision, the spinner returns to receive a surprise kiss or slap.

Bonus points if the kisser— or slapper — is able to execute a fake out. The most successful players of this game are the sneaky ones.

Tip: Dramatically lean in for a heartfelt smooch, and then follow with a swift backhand to the face. You might make some new enemies at this party, but all’s fair in love and war or in this case, Kiss or Slap.

Time to get the party going!

ENTITY hopes these five indoor party games will help kick off your summer.

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Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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