ENTITY talks 9 times Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made you LOL

The Netflix Original “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is undeniably hilarious. There are numerous times that this show will quite literally have you laughing out loud. The show is currently on its fourth season. The basic story line is following a young woman who recently escaped from an underground bunker, where she was held hostage for years on end. Once she gets out, she moves to New York, where her life is filled with miscommunications and hilarious misunderstandings. Be sure to add this gut-busting comedic Netflix Original to your binge watch list.

1 Kimmy Schmidt Adulting

Kimmy Schmidt is basically a child living in an adult’s body. Since she was trapped in a bunker for so long, she missed out on many pivotal growing up moments. Her innocence really shines through in this show. This example features the first time Kimmy realized she could eat whatever she wanted, because well, who is going to stop her. Don’t we all feel this way sometimes?

2 Saying What Everyone Is Thinking

In this clip, Kimmy is speaking the truth that we all think. Although some of us may not say it aloud, burps are technically farts from the mouth. Kimmy is an inspiration to us all to let our inner thoughts free. Sometimes.

3 Angry Kimmy Schmidt

Let’s be real for one moment, sometimes the frustration becomes too much. It is only just to let some more colorful language fly. Once again Kimmy’s charming innocence shines through. She does not say the conventional curse words, but instead has her own spin on them.

4 Titus

We have all felt this way. Picture coming home from an excessively long day only to find out that you also have to clean your house. Real life is difficult. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” totally gets how we feel. Sometimes the thought of taking on another task is just all too much.

5 Trying to Fit In

This one is particularly funny because the audience knows that the life of Kimmy is anything but normal. Besides being locked inside of a bunker for years on end, she also has trouble adapting to the real world. Sometimes when meeting someone for the first time, we just want to come across as “normal.” Kimmy Schmidt is alongside, trying to do the same exact thing.

6 Kimmy’s Made Up Songs

Multiple times throughout the show, Kimmy shows her creative side. This may be through her colorful fun outfits or her love for song writing. Either way, Kimmy has a way to tickle your funny bone through her singing. Most of the songs describe what she is doing at the current moment. They mimic the way one might have made up songs as a child.

7 Kimmy’s Life Advice

When in doubt, smiling can make anyone feel better. That is exactly what this show does. It makes the audience laugh for 20 minutes and truly make them happy. It is important to laugh and have fun. In the long run, it could make you feel better.

Without a doubt, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is a  laugh-out-loud type of comedy show. It has relatable moments along with cringe worthy scenes. Make sure to check out the new season of the show, out on Netflix now. You for sure will not regret it.

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