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Human trafficking is one of the most pressing global health, human rights and equality issues facing the world today.

Because of this, many organizations and brands have stepped up to do their part to help end human trafficking by supporting victims through educational and job training programs. And by supporting these companies, you end up making a difference too.

If you’re looking to take your first steps to purchasing with a purpose, you can start by shopping these six brands.

1 Purpose Jewelry

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This must-have trendy jewelry is made by human trafficking survivors in Mumbai and then processed and shipped by survivors in Orange County, California. With this, you can look and feel fabulous while also supporting a good cause.


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REBBL donates 2.5 percent of their revenue to Not For Sale, a global movement dedicated to ending human trafficking. Not For Sale partners with local experts, community leaders and business people to understand what causes slavery in a region. They then provide food, shelter, education and healthcare to those affected by modern slavery.

If you want to do more than just buy REBBL, you can also donate directly to Not For Sale.

3 Sari Bari

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These breathtakingly beautiful blankets, bedding and throws are crafted by human trafficking survivors and those who may be vulnerable to human trafficking.

4 Sudara

human trafficking

Photo via Instagram/@sudaragoods

Sudara Goods sells bright and stylish pajama pants, workout wear and other clothing items that, when you purchase them, fund women’s empowerment programs in India and Nepal.

With these programs, these women have a real chance at living fresh starts and fulfilling lives.

5 Z Shoes Organic

human trafficking

Photo via Instagram/@zshoesorganic

Z Shoes Organic’s kicks are made solely from 100 percent organic and sustainably harvested materials found only in the Amazon. All materials for Z Shoes are sourced directly from communities in the Peruvian Amazon, which creates a sustainable economy in areas vulnerable to human trafficking due to the lack of economic job opportunities.

6 Mulxiply

human trafficking

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These modern bags and wallets are created by at-risk women in Nepal. And on top of that, the accessories are also eco-friendly, fair trade and crafted with local fabrics!

human trafficking

Photo via Instagram/@mulxiply

Basically, now is the time to start purchasing with power and purpose. Join the movement to end human trafficking by shopping brands that are doing more than just selling their products.

The next time you need a pair of shoes, a gift, a drink, a bag or a blanket, purchase it from one of these brands to make your own consumption count for something greater.

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