ENTITY uncovers how Chantel Jeffries went from Youtube to DJ.

From Wilhelmina Models to Youtube to DJing, Chantel Jeffries has walked through many avenues to get to where she’s at today. With over 3 million Instagram followers, her fans couldn’t wait for her debut single. Since its release on May 4, her career continues to rise. She calls it an “organic process.”

ENTITY uncovers Chantel Jeffries life as a DJ.

Photo via Instagram/ @chanteljeffries

The science obsessed and Rick & Morty enthusiast was signed by Wilhemina Modeling Agency in her early 20s. She was noticed for her sexy bikini shots and beauty. Jeffries became a social media star and Youtube personality shortly after.

Jeffries, a major influencer in the Youtube world, embraced an inner and outer beauty for all types of women. Her makeup tutorials, skincare routines and personal experience with cosmetic surgery have gained her almost 1 million subscribers. But, that’s not all she does. She practically does it all, with such glamour.

She always had a passion for music.

With her natural talent and ears for great music, her friends suggested she take lessons. That’s how the name “Ceejay the DJ” was adopted.

If you were to ask her five years ago if DJing was what she initially wanted to do, her answer is nothing but respectful to the future.

“Let things flow and see what happens. I never get too caught in ‘I have to do this’ or ‘I have to do that,” she said in an interview with BUILD Series.

Her new single, Wait” ft. Offset and Vory, had those summer vibes to make anyone dance. Just less than three weeks after its release, it had 10 million streams on Spotify.

“Can’t say what I want so I put it in a song,” she wrote in a Tweet.

Her debut single, “Wait” quickly became a huge hit. Hip hop dancers on Youtube made routines to it. People’s Snapchat videos had it playing in the background.

ENTITY uncovers Chantel Jeffries life as a DJ.

Photo via Instagram/ @chanteljeffries

The process of the new single was like a graph, she called it. During her interview with BUILD Series, Jeffries said she used mathematical sequencing to make the song more distinct and flow accordingly.

“The sound waves and the way that everything works when you’re producing is like a graph,” she said. “I was a mathlete when I was younger so it’s one of those things where you can take your knowledge from one subject and bring it over.”

The beat was made mathematically and organically, while the loop of the “wait” part is from the pedestrian crossing button.

We’ve all heard it. Press the button, cross the street, listen to the song and try to get it out of your heads.

She has DJ’d at Coachella parties, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and even at her own single debut launch party.

ENTITY uncovers Chantel Jeffries life as a DJ.

Photo via Instagram/ @chanteljeffries

Jeffries said her biggest inspiration was fellow artist, Diplo, because of his versatility. She told BUILD Series she is currently working on her EP. That’ll have similar songs like “Wait.”

She described the next song releases to have a “bop, hip hop flair and euro house style” blend of styles.

Let’s hope she doesn’t make us wait any longer for the EP. Listen to her hit on Spotify and iTunes.


Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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