ENTITY shares some cool words you should know.

TFW you’re cool AF.

If this looks like gibberish, then you’re clearly not up-to-date on the latest cool words.

You’ve probably been living under a rock this past year, so welcome to 2017. ENTITY’s here to help you understand the lingo the cool kids are using nowadays.

Here are five words you should add to your vocabulary ASAP.

1 Mood

You would use this in a scenario where you see something that looks the way you feel inside. It can be applied to anything – photos, colors and even inanimate objects.

Feeling content? Then this dog is mood.

ENTITY reports on cool words.

2 G.O.A.T.

You might hear this a lot when people talk about Michael Jordan. No, it doesn’t refer to an actual goat. Instead, it’s an acronym for: Greatest of All Time. So, Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time when it comes to basketball.

Think someone is the absolute best at what they do? They’re G.O.A.T.

For example,Nicki Minaj is the G.O.A.T of female rappers.”

3 Trash

ENTITY reports on cool words

We’re the generation of self-deprecation and crude humor, so obviously we use the word “trash” to describe anything we don’t like. You would use trash when talking about something or someone you believe basically belongs in the trash.

For example:

“Did you listen to that new Iggy Azalea album? ”
“No, it’s trash.”

4 Savage

ENTITY shares some cool words you need to know.

Savage is technically used to describe something cool, but it can also be used to describe an action or phrase that’s harsh or mean. You would use it if someone says or does something rude or mean.

For example:

“I used her toothbrush to clean the toilet because I hate her.”
“Dang, that’s savage.”


“I’m going to tell Sally she got fat so she’ll hate me and break up with me.”
“Dang, that’s savage.”


“That party you threw last night was savage.”

5 Becky

ENTITY reports on cool words

We can credit this to the amazing Beyoncé and her album “Lemonade.” The name comes from her song, “Sorry” and the lyric says, “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

Becky is supposed to refer to a girl who is basic, average and insignificant. In the song, Beyoncé refers to Becky as the woman Jay-Z cheats on her with, but clearly, she’s not as great as Beyoncé because, duh, it’s Beyoncé.

Basically, you would use Becky to describe someone you don’t like or someone you think is basic – which, by the way, describes someone that’s either on the dumber side or someone just painfully annoying.

For example:

“That Becky over there gave me a dirty look but at least I’m not wearing Uggs with shorts.”

We get that it’s hard to keep up with millennial jargon, but that’s what we’re here for. These few words can help you look cooler, more interesting and hip in front of your friends.

So go out and call someone a Becky or call Robert Kardashian trash for posting revenge porn on Instagram, and you’re that much closer to being cool.


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