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Have you ever wondered what makes you unique? Why you love meeting new people, but your best friend finds it draining? Or why you’re the ultimate procrastinator while others seem to get work done weeks in advance?

According to some psychologists, we all have a specific, innate personality type that influences how we interact with other people and our surroundings (hello introverts and extroverts!). This theory is often referred to as Psychological Type Theory and was largely spearheaded in the early 1920s by psychologist Carl Jung.

Since then many people have expanded on Jung’s work (and the work of other psychologists) and created personality theories of their own. You may have heard of Meyers-Briggs, The Big 5, Four Temperaments, or Type and Type B personality theory just to name a few.

There’s a reason personality theories are so popular. By examining which personality type you are you can learn what makes you tick and gain valuable insight into the way you work, play, live and love.

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For example, simply knowing whether you’re introverted or extroverted can change how you function in the world. It can also allow others to better understand how you feel.

For instance, if you’re an introvert, you gain energy from being alone and large crowds may feel “draining”. An extrovert, however, may not understand this since they gain energy from being around other people. For them, the company Holiday party is a blast, but for you, it may be a nightmare.

An extrovert who learns their partner is a true introvert can gain empathy into how their partner feels at large gatherings. And the introvert can take a little pressure off themselves for feeling anxious at parties now that their partner understands how they feel. Win, win.

It’s important to understand that psychological types are not there to tell you what’s wrong with you. Instead, the purpose is to figure out where your natural tendencies lie so you can better understand why you behave certain ways in certain situations. It’s all about using your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

So it doesn’t mean introverts can’t function at parties. A lot of introverts are super fun at parties! It simply means they may need to prepare a little more and make sure they have the energy to get through it. And it doesn’t mean someone who naturally procrastinates can’t meet a deadline. It means they need to be aware of their tendency and plan accordingly!

That said, we’ve created our own personality test called ENPersonalities. Based on the combination of Jung’s theory of psychological types and the subsequent work of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, along with our own research and surveys our ENPersonality tool is tailor-made for young women emerging as the future movers and shakers of our world who want to gain valuable insight into their lives.

By discovering which of the 16 ENpersonalities best fits your innate tendencies you can harness your inner secret powers, capitalize on your natural strengths and live your best life.

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When you’re done with the test feel free to explore all 16 of the ENPersonalities below.

INTJ: The Graceful Captain
INTP: The Unrelenting Sage 
ENTJ: The Fearless Leader
ENTP: The Benevolent Challenger
INFJ: The Compassionate Crusader
INFP: The Principled Pacifist
ENFJ: The Mesmerizing Muse
ENFP: The Eternal Optimist
ISTJ: The Magnificent Observer
ISFJ: The Loving Warrior
ESTJ: The Systematic Sovereign
ESFJ: The Charismatic Connector
ISTP: The Skillful Maverick
ISFP: The Beautiful Dreamer
ESTP: The Rogue Risk Taker
ESFP: The Carefree Charmer

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