Here's what I read when I feel like a failure.

One of the hardest things to do when you’re down is to pick yourself back up without a little help.

Feeling like a failure is a terrible feeling. What do you do when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom? It’s a tough situation to get out of.

We understand that. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Reddit advice to hopefully help you through this rough patch. Here are nine things you should remember.

1. Learn to control what you tell yourself everyday.

“Dude, you cant think that way. You have to think positive no matter what. Learn to control your internal dialogue. Tell yourself you’re better, make yourself better. Make the change.”

2. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Seriously. Their journey is not your journey.

“Comparing yourself to your friends is something we all do, but everybody’s lives and circumstances are so different that any comparison is meaningless. People follow their own passions and paths. You wouldn’t look at a business major and view him or her as a failure because they have to wear suits to work and you can dress more comfortably and originally, would you? Or view a medical student as a failure 6 years from now because they’re still in school and you’re out? It’s the same principle.

“Every path is different, and it’s very easy to look around at what other people have achieved and see ourselves as a failure compared to them, but the fact of the matter is, you don’t know what they had to give up on in order to get there.”

3. Take advantage of the kind of information readily available to you.

Fill your mind with different stuff. We live in the most epic time on earth because you can focus on ANYTHING if you have the internet. YouTube is the holy grail of inspiration.

“I watch motivational crap like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy, as much as I can stomach, just for that perspective. I watch interviews with my favorite artists, everyone from Skrillex to Jack Nicholson. I want to know how they THINK. There are so many creative ways of thinking.”

4. Forgive yourself.

I forgive myself.

“Kicking myself over past failures won’t change what happened, it will just leave me sore from being kicked so much. So I’ve given up all hope for a better past. I own who I’ve been so it doesn’t own me.”

What I tell myself when I feel like a failure.

5. And then forgive others as well.

“As a corollary: learn to forgive others as well. The two seem to go hand-in-hand.

“It seems like people who are hard on themselves are hard on others, and vice versa.”

6. Manage your expectations.

“Some of the things I quickly found I had unreasonable expectations of were my past and what I was likely to do in a situation.

“I took into account that the past had already happened. It’s not reasonable for example for me to change overnight. Though it’s in the future, I have a past that led me to now and will influence what my default reactions in the future will be without careful shepherding.”

7. “You never hear about the ones who quit.”

You never hear about the ones who quit. The time will pass anyway.

“Wouldn’t you rather look back and say you fought tooth and nail for every inch forward rather than look back and say you didn’t even try? That’s what I see too much [of] these days. People that don’t even try … The best thing to do is just start.”

8. Put the power in your own hands.

“The key is to blame yourself. Not to blame others … If the failure was in somebody else, then you can’t control it (except perhaps indirectly). You were a victim and you will probably be a victim again, because it’s out of your hands.

“Make it your own fault. Figure out what YOU overlooked, what YOU forgot, what YOU should’ve done better. That puts all the power in your hands, and shows you how success is within your reach, and how others people will not be able to stop you next time.”

9. Lastly, figure out where your shore is.

“What do you do when you find yourself lost in the ocean? First instinct is to panic, or flail around, but that’s a waste of energy and it doesn’t get you anywhere. The best thing to do is float.

“You’re biding your time until you figure out where your shore is, and then when you figure out where you want to go and have a plan to get there, then you’ll spend the energy to swim towards it.

“It can be dangerous to float for too long, but everybody has periods of time in their life when they have to pause, float, and take their bearings before figuring out where to go from there.”

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