ENTITY discusses how to interpret your horoscope for today.

A horoscope is read for various reasons. Whether one is seeking guidance in life or just looking for some kitschy fun, horoscopes can be a fun way to pass the time.

For fervent believers in astrology, reading horoscopes can bring on more worry than it’s worth. Therefore, it’s important to understand what horoscopes signify before taking them to heart.

What are horoscopes based on?

ENTITY discusses how to interpret daily horoscope

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Astrologers define horoscopes as the alignment of planets, zodiac signs and astrological aspects at a given point in time. Star signs, the most popular zodiac signs in Western astrology, are determined by the placement of the Sun at the time of birth. Since star signs are determined at birth, we’re assigned one of 12 zodiac signs that remain the same throughout our life.

Star signs may stay the same, but horoscopes change daily.

Our horoscopes fluctuate every day as our star signs interact with the energies emanating from the alignment of planets and other astrological aspects. The fusion of energies between each star sign and the particular alignment of the planets produces different horoscopes for each sign everyday.  This may explain why astrologers predict specific behaviors, dispositions or experiences for each star sign daily.

Remember that astrology isn’t a science. The personalized horoscopes read online or in the paper are predictions. Nothing more.

Of course, this isn’t to say that horoscopes are complete bogus.

Horoscopes can serve spiritual and inspirational needs. Daily horoscopes may guide or inspire us to lead our most fulfilling days.

How to interpret your horoscope.

Horoscopes can be downers. Sometimes they tell you what you want to hear, sometimes they don’t. The key to becoming an avid horoscope interpreter is to understand how to let it guide you without dictating your life.

All horoscopes contain golden nuggets of truth and inspiration. So focus on the positive aspects of your horoscope. Try your best not to get caught up in the negative predictions. The cautionary advice horoscopes shouldn’t sour your entire day.

Don’t will the bad things into existence! A habitual horoscope reader is prone to allow their reading to determine the trajectory of their day. We may project our own worries and fear onto our interactions with others. By learning to let go of the not-so-positive advice given in your daily horoscope, you will free yourself from subconsciously seeking out negativity throughout your day. 

Remember, a daily horoscope has no power unless given that power. Choose which aspects of your horoscope you’d like to manifest and focus solely on those.

Whether you’re a Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo or anything in between, remember not to let your horoscope rule your life. You have the power and control to interpret your horoscope. Do yourself a favor and focus on the positive aspects of your daily horoscope.

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