ENTITY-talks about Jade Chynoweth dance journey.

Meet Jade Chynoweth the dancer. The actor. The fitness influencer.

She’s the one from the dance routine to Beyonce’s “Formation” that went viral on social media a couple years ago.

People went wild for the girl in the middle. Endless comments circulated inquiring about the girl in the Adidas track pants. She hit every beat and kept her eyes on the camera. Don’t remember? Skip to 1:30. You’re welcome!

The self-proclaimed dreamer, lover, wanderer and traveler lives life full throttle since her debut dancing with Bey.

But we know her as a dancer.

ENTITY-talks about Jade Chynoweth dance journey.

Photo via Instagram/ @jadebug98

Born in Park City, Utah, the 19-year-old dancer shows to be an unbeatable influencer for young dancers and performers. She didn’t learn her dance skills overnight. Chynoweth started bringing her own personality into her dances, since she was little.

She started dancing when she was only two-years-old, during a time where hip-hop dance was not a popular genre in the Mormon state. At the age of 12, Los Angeles became her new home as her dance and acting career was on the rise.

Chynoweth landed her first acting job when she was only 14-years-old. She played the young Queen Artemisia in the movie, “300: Rise of an Empire.” Her dance background, gave her an advantage to do her own stunts and sword fight scenes for the film.

Her film career skyrocketed since her appearance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “The Last Ship” series as Kathleen Nolan.

Since the “Formation” dance routine, Chynoweth appeared in more hip-hop routines all over Youtube. She’s danced at prestigious dance studios such as Millennium, Movement Lifestyle and Edge.

Being a versatile dancer can be hard work.

From hip hop to contemporary, to ballet and to the newfound high heels routines, Chynoweth finds herself craving for all challenges.

In her ‘About’ page on her website, she states that, “She craves adventure and mystery…” with sweat and passion being her fuel.

Her unexpected 2 million followers on Instagram hasn’t changed the humble entertainer. In an interview with the BEAST Network, Chynoweth explained how her fame hasn’t influenced her because she keeps true to herself.

“Knowing that I didn’t have to sell myself to people and I just got to be me…People naturally liked that and followed me because of that…that’s the coolest part.”

It’s undeniable that Chynoweth keeps her eyes on the prize. She’s starred in the Youtube Red Series, “Step Up: High Water” released in January of this year. The premise goes that when twin dancers, Tal and Janelle, relocate from Ohio to Atlanta, they face challenges to belong in their new school through dance.

ENTITY-talks about Jade Chynoweth dance journey.

Photo via Instagram/ @stepupseries

Chynoweth plays one of the lead characters named Odalie. The character used dance as a way to express herself like no other, much like herself in real life.

In her dance journey video on Youtube, she classifies the new “Step Up” series as an “accumulation of everything she’s done since she was little.”

Chynoweth has also become quite the entrepreneur. She just gave fans something to feast their eyes on. For $19.99 a month, people can join her Fit2BeIT Lifestyle and see dance and workout videos, watch vlogs, read her blogs and get a peek into her meal prep.

ENTITY-talks about Jade Chynoweth dance journey.

Photo via Instagram/ @jadebug98

At such a young age, Chynoweth has the world at her feet.

She Tweeted in early February, “I really love dancing, it’s so therapeutic.”

With her love and passion for dance, she’s unstoppable.



Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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