Entity shares five facts about JoJo Fletcher.

JoJo Fletcher was the runner-up on season 20 of “The Bachelor.” She was left brokenhearted on national TV after Ben Higgins chose Lauren Bushnell and sent JoJo home.

JoJo then continued her journey of finding love on season 12 of “The Bachelorette.” She left season 12 engaged to Jordan Rodgers, and the couple is still together today.

But there’s more to JoJo Fletcher than just being “The Bachelorette.” Here are five facts about Joelle Fletcher.

1 she is obsessed with her dog, Jackson.

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Via Instagram/@joelle_fletcher

JoJo is a total dog person, just like us. In fact, she absolutely adores her German Short-Haired Pointer, pictured above.

Her fur baby’s name is Jackson, and she posts about him all the time on Instagram. Check on her endless cute pictures by following JoJo on Instagram, or adding her on snapchat @jfletchaa.

2 she spends her free time in a freezer.

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Via Instagram/@joelle_fletcher

Sort of. JoJo is a big fan of the weird, new trend called cryogenic therapy. It’s basically like taking an ice bath. You stand in a chamber for two to four minutes in sub-zero degree air. It’s meant to reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance and even slow signs of aging.

The freezing temperatures of cryotherapy send the body into a “survival mode,” which causes blood supply to flow to the most vital organs to relay more oxygen and nutrients. Then, once you leave the cold environment, the enriched and less-toxic blood is flushed back into the rest of the body, as reported by Fox.

Sounds cool to us. Literally.

3 she would totally trade lives with Taylor Swift.

JoJo once said if she could trade lives with anyone it would be Taylor Swift.  Why? Her awesome clothes and friend group, of course.

4 she has earned her BA in medical humanities from Baylor University.

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Via Instagram/@joelle_fletcher

According to her “Bachelorette” bio, JoJo graduated from Baylor with a degree in medical humanities. Both her parents are doctors, so she followed in their footsteps before pursuing her current career as a real estate developer.

5 she’ll never live down her unicorn entrance to “The Bachelor.”

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Via Instagram/@joelle_fletcher

She sure does know how to make an entrance. Exciting the limo is the first impression on “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” and only the super crazy or funny entrances are remembered.

And JoJo was hard to forget as she emerged out of the limo in a bright red dress and… a rubber unicorn mask. Uh, what? Yeah, she made her big entrance in a unicorn mask because, as she told “The Bachelor” Ben Higgins, “unicorns do exist.”

JoJo is still making appearances related to “The Bachelorette,” but we are definitely excited to see what she and Jordan do down the line.

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