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If Kylie Jenner isn’t switching up her hairdo, taking endless selfies on Snapchat or starting a new clothing line with sister Kendall Jenner, she’s working on and showing off her makeup brand.

Kylie’s makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, has become a very trendy name and the Kylie Jenner lip kits have become a staple in almost every teenage girl’s makeup bag. But what makes these lip kits so famous? They sell out the minute they go on sale.

Unfortunately, her makeup brand isn’t sold in stores, so you have to buy everything online without swatching it first. So, if you’re looking to pick up a Kylie lip kit before they all sell out again, here are some tips before you drop $30 on a liquid lipstick.

Kylie Jenner lip kit reviews from YouTube makeup artists

YouTube makeup artist NikkieTutorials is known for giving detailed and accurate reviews of makeup products. She reviews the colors Kristen, Kourt K, Exposed, Posie K, Koko K and 22, which are part of the few lip kits that were released first.

Nikkie notes that the darker colors are patchy and streaky, but the lighter colors are soft, pigmented and opaque. She also reveals that the lip kit is thin and drying without irritating the lips. As she applies the nude colors, Nikkie states that the shades are the classic “Instagram baddie” colors. With her fair skin, all of the colors worked well with her skin tone.

Professional makeup artist Tati reviews the original full collection of the lip kits. From Kourt K to Mary Jo K, Tati reviews, swatches and gives dupes for all the original matte and gloss lipsticks.

Throughout the video, she notes all the colors are beautiful and unique. She also states that the formulation is creamy and thick, making them last longer. Although Tati enjoyed the lip products, she claims there are drugstore brands that offer a similar product at a more affordable price.

This BuzzFeed video of three different women trying the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit shows what the colors Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown K look like on a wider range of skin tones.

It’s clear the lighter shades tend to work better on lighter skin tones while the darker colors look better on darker skin tones. One of the women also notes while trying on Dolce K, “I guess there is a positive to her wanting to be black, creating this nude for black ladies like myself.”

The women wear one of the colors for the entire day, pointing out that the lip color is long-lasting but extremely drying.

Kylie Lip Kit swatches on different skin tones 

YouTuber Too Much Mouth swatches 21 shades of Kylie’s lip kits from Koko K, Maliboo, Moon and Brown Sugar to Trick and Dead of Knight. She gives viewers a look at what each color looks like on darker skin tones. She notes at the beginning of the video that although some of the colors work well with her skin tone, adding a darker lip liner makes lighter colors work on darker skin.

YouTuber itsajemmathing swatches all the original matte lip kits and glosses on her fair skin.

The nude colors work better for paler skin tones while the more brown shades are the perfect nude for darker skin tones. The reds and purples seem to work on all skin tones.

Zaahirah Munif also swatches all of the original matte and gloss lip kits on her medium-toned skin. Her video proves that although the lighter colors mostly work on paler skin tones, she has a wide enough range that there’s a perfect nude for every skin tone in her lip kit collection.

Where to buy the Kylie Lip Kits when they’re all sold out on her website

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are known to sell out 30 seconds after they go on sale, so if your favorite lip kit is out of stock, you can always find them on Amazon, but you might have to splurge a little.

The Kylie Cosmetics Amazon account sells some of the more popular and perpetually sold out lip kits such as June Bug, but they’re going for $52.55 compared to the retail price of $29.

These Kylie Jenner liquid lip kits aren’t going to give you the full, puckered lip Kylie paid for, but you can attain her makeup look and that’s close enough, right?

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