Millennials pressured to get married according to new study released by, Entity reports.

Millennials are stressed AF about getting married. They are 177 percent more likely to feel an overwhelming pressure to get married than other generations. Guys, I’m perspiring.

That’s an unreal percentage. But according to’s “Singles in America 2017” survey of over 5,500 singles, that’s how we’re feeling.

And, look, weddings are great. I love everything about weddings – the flowers, the dresses, the dancing. Everyone’s so happy and in love. It’s beautiful!

So can we please not take a beautiful thing and ruin it by shoving it down millennials’ throats like some kind of proverbial rite of passage into adulthood?

Because – guess what? – you can be a fully fledged adult member of society without being married. It’s not, like, an indicator of your success as a human.

That being said — it’s totally okay to be on the lookout for love. In fact, sixty-eight percent of men admitted to being romantics. They’re hoping to find it this year. And 57 percent of all Millennials are turning to dating apps to find romance.

I know they say opposites attract, but the survey shows that similar interests can strike up a love match. Turns out, Millennials are 270 percent more likely to think it’s hot if you’ve been binge-watching the same TV shows. So I guess my obsessive “The Office” binging can help me find a man… who also binges “The Office.”

And hey, sexy boss ladies – 38 percent of men find female entrepreneurs to be a turn-on. Of course, that’s only one percent more than the number of men who actually know what feminism is… so that’s a bummer. But we’re happy to educate the other 63 percent, right?

Millennials pressured to get married according to new survey, Entity reports.

Millennials pressured to get married, according to new survey. Image via Giphy

But really how hard is “equality of the sexes?” I can’t believe we’re even still talking about this. Anyway – stop putting unfair deadlines and pressure on yourselves. And happy hunting.

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