ENTITY takes a fresh look into the new year open with new hobbies to explore.

Are you ready to switch things up this new year? For your new year’s resolution this year, commit to trying a new hobby.

For months now you have gone to work only to feel too lazy to do anything else afterwards. But you just need some inspiration. You need to have something to look forward to after a long day or week. So pick up a hobby, whether it’s river rafting, cross stitching, calligraphy or reading. Stimulate your mind by doing activities you love or would never expect to enjoy.

Life is way too short to be doing the same things over and over again. So get up and challenge yourself!

Here are four reasons you should pick up a hobby for the new year.

1 Relieve Stress.

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes it feels like the homework, projects, duties, arguments and workload never end. You’re stressed and overwhelmed. A hobby can fix that!

Woman’s health coach Jennifer Racioppi tells Business Insider that we should pick up hobbies that “help us enter flow states.”

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Flow is like mediation, allowing you to shut out the world while concentrating on the task, Business Insider explains. “We can experience flow anywhere: reading a book, listening to music, playing music,” advises Racioppi. “Hobbies can be intentional ways of entering into flow.”

So go ahead and forget about the rude customer you had today by rejuvenating your mind with yoga, bowling, singing, scrapbooking or whatever your heart desires. The sky’s the limit!

2 Boost Creativity

As creatures of habit, we often establish routine in our lives – work, eat, sleep, repeat. When this happens, the best thing we can do for ourselves is try something new that will get us out of a rut.

When we change up our routines and try new things, we are able to view our daily lives in a new light.

“When doing hobbies you enjoy, the mind is more active and likely to think creatively,” says Your Zen Life. “This newfound creativity can transfer directly to tasks at work. Often, a job does not intrinsically require creativity, so a hobby can provide the spark needed to think on a problem-solving level for work or other tasks in life.”

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3 Connect with people.

Hobbies allow you socialize. It’s great to know there are people out there who have the same interests as you. Why not connect with them? You can go online and talk about the hobby on discussion boards. You can even ask if anyone wants to do the activity together. Make your own club! This is a perfect way to make new friends who come from different backgrounds.

4 Build Confidence.

Picking up hobbies allows you to challenge yourself. You’re able to learn something new and feel good about it. Hobbies allow you to get out of your comfort zone, which is very rewarding because you’re able to say “I do this” or “I know how to do that.”

Being good at something boosts your self-esteem and ultimately makes you more confident. Your Zen Life agrees, saying, “Your hobby is going to challenge you in some way, whether it is mentally or physically. As you overcome these challenges, your confidence will be boosted.”

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So as the new year approaches, remember to try something new. You can’t put a price on the new skills, friendships and gratification you will earn once you start a new hobby.

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