ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

The 90s were a decade rich with fashion trends and faux pas. It was a time of jelly shoes, oversized shirts and frosted tips. When someone ventures to bring back the nostalgic 90s fashion, you can’t help but hold your breath and hope for the best.

It’s a dangerous game bringing back vintage clothing. In recent years, the nostalgic 90s aesthetic resurfaced, and it’s in. On one hand, it could be a chic, comfortable and pleasant blast from the past. On the other, it could easily be outdated and tacky.

More people today are bringing back what we thought was long forgotten.

Some are hits, some are misses. You decide. 

High-Waisted Mom Jeans

ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

Photo by ateliermilabrocc from Instagram

Skinny jeans have nothing on high-rise mom jeans. As a roomy alternative to the jeans of today, mom jeans are a go. The light blue, high-rise mom jeans are a must have if you’re going for the classic 90s look.

Whether they’re acid washed and OK to wear is another conversation entirely.

Denim on Denim

ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

Photo by Force Majeure on Unsplash

This is one of the more risky trends, but it works. Denim jackets, real or not, paired with a pair of jeans is an iconic nostalgic 90s look. It’s safe to say that denim on denim is bold, yet, it completely fits in the fashion of today’s diverse aesthetic. It’s the Canadian tuxedo.


ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

Photo by liarmaison on Instagram

Like it or not, chokers are here to stay. The history of chokers spans long before the nostalgic 90s years, but it’s the reemergence of chokers defined neck accessories as we know it.

Stores today sell a fair amount of chokers. Though we’ve graduated from the black, plain chokers of the 90s, it’s common to see more intricate styles.


ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

Previously functional farm wear, overalls climbed to the top of the fashion industry in the 90s. Today, they’ve wedged their way back into the spotlight. Few people truly embrace the 90s overall aesthetic and opt out of the iconic one-shoulder-on look.

Mesh Tops

ENTITY explores nostalgic 90s clothing items

Photo by Frankie Cordoba on Unsplash

Courtney Love, Rose McGowan and Gwyneth Paltrow inspired the new age of mesh. Once brought to the public’s attention, mesh tops, especially cropped, became all the rage. After a few years, mesh in general was scarcely found.

Today, mesh tops are a staple. This versatile garment is light, breathable, and oh yeah, see through. Not to worry, you can wear anything you want underneath be it pasties, a bralette or simply nothing.

It’s rare go out on the town and avoid seeing anyone wearing a mesh top.

The Nostalgic 90s Was Full of Color and Exploration

The additional trend of tracksuits, as seen in Will Smith’s infamous 90s anthem “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It  is on the rise too. It’s fun to play with what’s old and new, and combine them together to create a unique style.

These are just some of the wonder things from the nostalgic 90s period.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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