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Shontelle Layne, who is professionally known as “Shontelle,” is a singer/songwriter from Barbados.

If you need memory jogger, she’s the R&B singer who rose to success in the 2000s with her hit single “Impossible.” Her style of music has been characterized as a mix of Ne-Yo and Ashanti.

But what ever happened to the girl who helped us through all our breakups?

Well, here’s what ENTITY found out about Shontelle’s projects.

1 Shontelle is best known for her album “No Gravity.”

Entity reports on Shontelle.

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From its catchy chorus to its emotional lyrics, Shontelle’s song “Impossible” is one of the best songs to listen to during a heartbreak.

And that’s exactly why she wrote it.

Shontelle told Digital Sky, “I knew that there was no song out there for heartbroken people. I just wanted to put a song out that gave people hope – things may not work out the way you want them to, but you can move past it and everything is gonna be okay.”

“No Gravity,” the album that contained “Impossible,” was released in 2010, and after the first week of its release it placed number eighty-one on the Billboard 200. And, as you may have guessed, “Impossible”  did pretty well itself. It reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her most successful single to date.

2 She’s only released two albums throughout her career.

Entity reports on Shontelle.

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Out of all the years Shontelle has been in the music industry, she’s only released two albums.

In 2008, she released her debut album “Shontelligence,” which marked the official beginning of her music career.

She wrote on her website bio, “‘Shontelligence’ merely defines the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my life, the knowledge yet to be absorbed and ultimately the product of all my experiences which I then translate into my music.”

The album’s single, “T-Shirt,” reached number 36 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Although it wasn’t a big hit in the U.S., it did reach the top ten of the music charts in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

But even if the album didn’t climb the charts in the U.S., Shontelle still became known for her work. She gave her fans a second album, “No Gravity,” which, as previously discussed, did much better than the first.

3 She used to be Rihanna’s drill sergeant.

Entity reports on Shontelle.

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Shontelle and Rihanna have a past. Other than the fact they’re both from Barbados, they were in Cadets Corp together in Barbados.

But not only were they in the cadets together, Shontelle was actually the one giving Rihanna orders. Now, it’s probably hard to imagine RiRi taking orders for someone else. But she did.

Shontelle told ELLE in 2011, “It was fun … I’ve actually made her ‘drop and give me ten’! Cadets is almost like R.O.T.C. but it’s voluntary and for both males and females. Can you imagine Rihanna dressed in camouflage fatigues and boots?”

Aside from being cadets together, Shontelle and Rihanna have also worked together. In fact, she co-wrote Rihanna’s song “Man Down” from her fifth studio album, “Loud.”

4 She had shoe line with Cat Footwear.

Two years after the release of her hit album “No Gravity,” Shontelle ventured in a different direction.

In 2012, she released a line of shoes and boots with Cat Footwear, according to Digital Spy.

She spoke to the Global Grind about the collection and said, “I feel as though I have had to embrace and conquer the seemingly impossible and find my own independence. This collaboration is an expression of that desire and of all my hopes and dreams.”

While this seemed like she was taking a break from music, she later revealed otherwise.

During the interview, she also spoke about a new album, saying that fans could expect “growth and evolution.”

We’re still waiting patiently for it!

5 What is Shontelle up to now?

Entity reports on Shontelle.

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It’s been seven years since since we’ve gotten a new album from Shontelle. A big reason for her disappearance from the music industry can be attributed to the fact that she was moving from one label company to another.

Shontelle parted ways with Universal Motown and then signed with Universal Republic to release her third album. But after that label shut down, she was moved to Republic Records.

With all this moving around, it’s no wonder she couldn’t release any music.

Today, she’s no longer with Republic Records. The Source reported that Shontelle signed a new deal with SMH Entertainment. But great news! She’s working on a new album.

Just last year, Shontelle released a song with Toni Norville titled, “Count On Me.”

So you may be wondering, what ever happened to that third album? No sign of it yet, but we’re still hopeful. Shontelle, a comeback is not impossible. We can’t wait.


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