ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

Boys – they’re complex, confusing and sometimes just downright annoying.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

But other times they’re loving, caring and sweet. When you’ve got that kind of man on your hands, there’s a very strong possibility that he could be in love with you.

If you’re unsure if he’s in love with you, or just want to double check for your own peace of mind, then look no further. Here are your signs, courtesy of reddit.

1 They’re willing to put in the time.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

It takes time. I’ve always found that when I truly loved a woman, I always made time for her, listened to her when she needed it, and always tried to be the best person I could be for her.”

Like any good thing in life, relationships take time. This is true for both men and women. A tell-tale sign that he’s into you is that he actually makes time for you. He is interested in cultivating a relationship with you and seeing your relationship for the long haul.

The bigger tell-tale sign is that they want to be their best selves for you. Men know they have met the woman for them when they aspire to be the best version of themselves. And they put in the time to make those types of relationships work.

2 He deals with all of your silly shenanigans.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

“You can know if he sticks around despite there being multiple fights every single week over some trivial shit.”

Sometimes, as humans, we pick fights over trivial shit. It’s inevitable, honestly. But when you have a man who gets through the trivial fights you may start, you’ve got a man who is in love with you.

Someone who loves you will deal with all of that trivial stuff — whether it be fights over putting the toilet seat down or not eating at that one restaurant. ‘Cause ultimately he knows those fights will fade, and that your relationship is stronger than those small fights.

3 You don’t have to battle over sharing food.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

“If he’s willing to share his food without you asking, that’s real love right there. I’ve only shared food with one girl without being asked and she still has my heart, but to each his own I guess”

If there’s one thing guys love, it’s food. Food is the way to their hearts, truly. So if you have a guy that WILLINGLY shares his food with you, then you definitely have a keeper. Not only will you have someone who truly cares about you, but you will also get to experience all types of meals — a win win if you ask me.

4 He gets weird, but in a cute way.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

“If we act really stupid when you smile at us, we’re yours. Also if we laugh at you jokes, funny or not.”

For some guys, being around girls — especially girls they like — isn’t the easies thing in the world. So if your guy is acting goofy and silly with you, then there’s a high possibility that he’s really into you.

One of the best things a relationship can have is a goofy side — where you are able to relax and be yourself. Everyone has a unique sense of humor, and if you’re able to enjoy your significant other’s humorous side, then you’re in for a life full of laugher and joy. Who wouldn’t want that?

5 They put in a lot of effort — and not just in person.

ENTITY writes about signs he is in love with you.

“If they are really engaged when talking to you, text you without you texting them first and hang around you more than others when you’re out with a group, I’d say there’s a good chance.”

The clearest sign a guy will give that he’s into you is that he’s ACTUALLY paying attention. He isn’t fake paying attention or seems distracted — he’s present, focused and intrigued by what you have to say.

And he shows it more than just in person. Over text, the phone, even Skype, they respond quickly, seem  interested and are present.

Ultimately, your guy will let you know that he’s really into you in some shape or form. Whether it be subtle or outright, if he feels that way, he will make sure that you know it.

And if you’re still confused about whether he is in love with you or not, then check out ENTITY’s article on what true love is.


Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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