ENTITY reports on Tyler Henry.

Tyler Henry has been making a huge buzz in Hollywood interviewing famous personalities and getting in touch with their dead ancestors.

The question begs, Tyler, how connected are you to the dead? And why are ghosts talking to you? And do you know my Grandma? One has to wonder if he is really talking to the dead or if it’s just a hoax and he is messing with us.

I mean, why would the dead talk to him? Realistically, what about him makes ghosts or spirits navigate to his presence?

If you’re like me, then you are doubtful of this man’s capabilities and skills to talk to the dead. But for the purpose of this article, lets take a closer look at Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant who now has his own reality show on E!.

ENTITY reports on Tyler Henry.


1 Who is Tyler Henry?

Tyler is from California and spent most of his youth in Hanford, California, although it’s very difficult to find any background information on him. He claims that his first experience as a clairvoyant occurred when he was 10 years old, and he predicted the passing of his grandmother minutes before she actually passed away.

After graduating from high school, he went to college to become a hospice nurse.

He was noticed in high school for his psychic abilities and started doing a lot of readings in LA. And thanks to the Kardashians, his popularity sky rocketed when he made an appearance on their Reality TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

2 Techniques

If you ever watch an episode of Tyler Henry’s show. Clairvoyants are really good at throwing out ideas, visuals or characteristics, and if you ever notice, they are constantly talking. The probability of someone connecting with the randomness of what they are saying is extremely high.

ENTITY reports on Tyler Henry.


According to ABC, “Edward says he was taught techniques to keep his conversations vague, flattering and drawn out,” while interviewing a former psychic.

What you will notice in his show, is that he goes on long tangents. He talks and talks until the person he is reading connects or associates to something.

The more you believe him, the more you open up. Once you open up, you start sharing things that help him narrow down his search.

He will throw out common feelings. For example, last year he told one of his fans that a dead ancestor is trying to connect with a granddaughter who is currently in college.

He tells the fan that the granddaughter will consider switching majors, something that commonly happens in college. He also says the so-called ghost is telling her not to get too seriously romantically involved in college, which is yet another assumption always thrown at young students.

He constantly uses “Hear me out, it might make sense” meaning he’s hoping you will share something to lead him on to his next con or idea.

Another technique clairvoyants use is once they connected with the after life, he talks to the client using reassuring words that tell them what they want to hear.

Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to make a person believe that you can speak to the dead.

3 Reality TV

ENTITY reports on Tyler Henry.


If you know anything about reality TV, you will know that none of it is unscripted. Yes, I hate to ruin the illusion, but it’s all planned and strategized to get the most buzz. And the producers desperately try to sensationalize what’s happening.

Most of the time, people participating on a show are screened and reviewed thoroughly before making an appearance. So in that interview with his fan, which is entitled “Tyler Henry Reads Winner of Facebook Giveaway | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!”  I can assure you it wasn’t a random giveaway.

His team probably did a ton of research before selecting that woman. They wouldn’t want to risk bringing on someone who might be weary of his techniques or not duped by clairvoyance.

Knowing this, one might question how much Tyler Henry knows about his clients. Does he have an ancestry.com account since you can find anyone’s information and records on there? Go ahead, try it out! I found family secrets on it that I wasn’t even suppose to know about.

4 Opinions

To me, Tyler Henry is not someone who I believe is able to communicate with the dead, and if he could, he’d have to learn Italian Genovese dialect in order to talk to my ancestors.

But before you make a decision, I’d highly recommend watching this episode of his show.

The following is the entire episode that E! published back in 2016. Now it’s up to you to consider whether or not this is real.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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