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What makes a star in Hollywood these days? The old school rules still include looks; talent doesn’t hurt – and an incredible work ethic that allows actors to work 15 hour days, do 25 takes of a scene, and endlessly promote a film for three months – when it was only a six week shoot. And of course, there’s the requisite willingness to endlessly audition and face more than a whole Tinder’s worth of rejection.

But in the last few years, fashion has been added to the list of qualities that can make a female a star. How? Great looks on and off the red carpet now travel around the world in a speed quicker than light.

Examples? Take Diane Kruger. How many movies have you seen Diane Kruger in? Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfits on and off camera during the run of “Sex and the City” got her a ton of attention. Both Emma Watson, Rooney Mara, Lupita Nyong’o and Emma Stone were spotted by fashion critics and fashion people before they became A-list stars.

A great dress, a head to toe look, can get an actress a ton more exposure, fame – and then there’s big ad campaigns, which often pay better than film or TV. Cate Blanchett didn’t need fashion to make her a star – but it sure didn’t hurt that she always takes your breath away. And once Jennifer Lawrence hired the right stylist and got all high fashion, she immediately got the Dior campaign. That’s worth up to $3 million a year – or more.

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So who are the breakout style stars of 2017’s awards season? After all, at this point, we expect Emma Stone and Natalie Portman to look fabulous – for Nicole Kidman to stand out in one way or another – for Amy Adams to be understated chic. Our vote goes to “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown – only 12-years-old and already a something of a style star!

The young Brit puts mixed prints together, floral bomber jackets with mini skirts, and has a chic short haircut – that she sometimes wears all spiked up. She’s not emulating anyone’s style – she’s clearly got her own, at a delicate age. Giorgio Armani made Millie Bobby’s SAG Awards gown, a poppy red Grecian column with a ruched neck and lace cap sleeves. Perfect for a girl her age – and topped off by a Jennifer Behr jeweled headband. She put overdressed older actresses to shame – and she didn’t have a bead or sequin in sight.

And her stylish ways have not gone unnoticed by the fashion establishment. She’s been signed to be the new face of Calvin Klein By Appointment – an American label that’s always had celebrities as faces – but will have a reinvention this mid February when ex-Dior and Jil Sander designer Raf Simons will show his very first Calvin Klein collection on the New York runway.

We wish little Miss Millie would be attending the Oscars – and she did just get signed to star in a movie, “Godzilla: King of Monsters.” But if she’s not at the Kodak Theater, hopefully she’ll be at pre and post Oscar parties, in maybe brand new Calvin Klein – which has definitely been under wraps this awards season. That is – if her parents let her go! And we expect to see more than a few jeweled headbands at Coachella this spring.

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