ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority.

I remember graduating high school and being so excited to start my college journey with one of my biggest questions being, Should I go greek?

I’d heard that it was a big time commitment, and about all of the stereotypes of being in a sorority. And I knew it was expensive. So I wasn’t completely sure if it would be worth it — Well, it was.

I didn’t know much about sororities except for what I’ve seen in movies, social media and on the news. Sororities and fraternities were portrayed very negatively, so I decided to hold off on going through Greek recruitment my first year of college.

At the beginning of the fall semester of my sophomore year, my best friend and I decided to go through recruitment and experience the rage of “finding your home.”

Being in a sorority has taught me so much about myself and how to let my own personality shine through. If you are debating whether to go Greek or not, let me help you out.

1 Connecting and Networking

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

I remember listening to girls talk about how their life in a sorority was a huge networking opportunity and not thinking much of it. I didn’t realize the power of networking and meeting a friend of a friend.

Every job opportunity I have had since I joined Alpha Omicron Pi was because of my affiliation to Greek life. My sisters and I are always looking for extra side gigs to help pay our sorority bill, so whenever we find a job opportunity, we send out a mass text message or email.

2 Philanthropy

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

One of the biggest and most important aspects of being in a sorority or fraternity is the opportunity to give back. Not only are you raising money and awareness to your house’s philanthropy, but also those of other Greek houses.

Houses will hold events and sell T-Shirts to raise money for a particular cause or charity, which everyone is more than happy to be a part of.

3 Self-Growth

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

I have noticed myself grow so much as a woman and a feminist since I joined a sorority. I have become more hard-working, adventurous, confident, approachable and unique. Because I am always surrounded by such motivated women, it has shaped me into someone I am so proud to be.

There are so many opportunities for leadership, such as holding a position or being a part of a committee. Participating in leadership roles also gives you practice on how to be confident in class and work. I am no longer afraid to speak up and ask questions in class, which results in getting better grades and meeting new people.

4 Education

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

Being in a sorority can be very time-consuming, but it also motivates you. You are expected to maintain a high GPA, attend study nights every month and turn in grade checks signed by your professor.

Placing a high standard on GPA definitely keeps you disciplined, as sororities also regulate strict rules on what you can and cannot post on social media. Being an active participant in something that takes up so much time teaches you about time management and focus.

5 Relationships

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

The amount of relationships you build in Greek life is unreal. I have friends coming from different backgrounds and majors thanks to Greek life. I have created relationships that I know will last a lifetime, from the other houses on Greek row to the relationship I’ve built with my pledge class and the greatest of all, the big and little relationship.

One of the most exciting things about joining a sorority is getting a big – an upperclassman to “adopt” you as her little sister – and continuing your legacy by picking up a little.

My big is one of my favorite role models, and I have and will probably always look up to her. She has helped me to figure out a way to juggle school, work, sorority activities and family. She has shown me the ropes and guided me to make good choices while keeping me grounded.

Shout out to you, Alexa. Thank you for always reminding me of my values and for not giving up on me no matter how badly I screw up #loveyoubig.

ENTITY reports on why you should rush a sorority

Being in a sorority has been one of the most positive experiences of my college career and I would not have gone through it without the push from my best friend.

I truly believe that going through recruitment and choosing the house I knew was right for me made me into the strong, independent woman I am today.


Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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