If you’re already a Pinterest addict, here’s more inspiration to fuel your obsession. Living in a city is becoming increasingly fast-paced and we oftentimes bring our mental clutter into our homes after a long day of work. Your home is the place to wind down, clear your mind and reflect on your day. The cleanliness, organization and color pattern of your space has a dramatic effect on your mood and your stress levels. Completely remodeling your home design isn’t always feasible, but you can always purchase a few stylish items around the house to remind you that “it’s me time.”

Here are a couple of inexpensive and splurge must-haves for a trendy zen experience right in your home.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.Bright neon colors are harsh on the eyes—stick to pastel and nude colors on your bedsheets and bathroom towels. The neutral colors will help you avoid overstimulation when you’re ready to relax at the end of the day.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.Fresh scents relax your muscles and help you wake up invigorated the next day. However, be sure to avoid using artificial or synthetic scents, as these unnatural products can give you headaches and hurt your health.


Potted plants are a must have if you want to go zen, Entity reports.Create an indoor oasis to make up for spending most of your day indoors. Bring the world outside, inside! Small cacti or aloe plants are trending, aesthetically pleasing and require very little care so you won’t have to worry about dead plants creating gloom in your house!


Chinese lanterns are a must if you want to go zen, Entity reports.Harsh lamp lights can also be health-harming and headache-inducing. Replace those bright bulbs in your bedside lamps with halogen bulbs, which produce warmer light. Chinese style lamp shades are stylish shade for fluorescent light bulbs if you want to be earth conscious.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.Minimize your decorations and limit them to items from the earth. Bring smooth stones of varying sizes and designs to decorate smaller empty spaces.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.If you have wooden or laminated flooring, get soft fabric coverings for your floors. Depending on the texture of your furniture, grab some for your couches as well. Soft textures are more calming than harsh, scratchy fabrics. Make sure that your fabrics match the color scheme of the rest of your home for consistency and balance.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.The lotus or Padma is the Buddhist symbol for purity or mind, body and speech. Whether it’s a watercolor painting of a lotus or a wooden square of the lotus and its meaning, incorporate this cultural symbol on an empty wall to remind you to be pure in mind and spirit.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.Minimalism is key to clear mind. Keep messiness at a minimum by storing your clutter or miscellaneous items hidden with built-in concealed storage. They blend in with your surroundings and aren’t an eye-sore in the middle of your bed or living room.


Entity shares the must haves for your home if you want to go zen.You can’t go zen without adding worldly zen elements: water, wood, earth, metal and fire. Fulfill your wood category with a bamboo decoration. While a bamboo screen might be more on the pricey side, bamboo vases are a small, simple and inexpensive way to hold some of your plants with style.


Entity shares 10 sculptures that will bring a zen atmosphere to your home.Metal sculptures are major decorative items for your home but you might want to splurge a little for this. Think of a person in history, an animal or item that brings you happiness in life and find it in a sculpture. Whether it’s a religious figure, a peacock or Bonsai Tree, establish your metal sculpture at the fulcrum of your home to create a center of tranquility.

Your home is where your heart is. Leave it pure, clean and peaceful every day to remind yourself that not all of life is a fast-paced, never-ending cycle of change. Bright neon colors, lights, inane knick-knacks and unwashed clothes spread throughout the house will only bring unnecessary stress that hurts your health. Adopt the minimalist zen way by cutting out the clutter and instead incorporating these simple items into your space. As a result, you’ll find that relaxation takes on a completely new meaning.

Edited by Angelica Pronto

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