Entity reports on 100 years of makeup.

The world of beauty is constantly evolving, and throughout the years we’ve seen a huge number of different trends come and go. Whilst we now exert a lot of time and effort into creating bigger and fuller eyebrows, just ten years ago, the trend was to pluck them to practical non-existence. Similarly, we doubt that nowadays any of us would opt for the vivid colours rocked by 80s icons such as Madonna and Blondie, but this was a way of expressing the increasing strength and power which women were gaining at the time.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many makeup trends come, go, and come back once again. We’ve put together a timeline to show evolution of makeup over the last ten decades, and the reasons behind the inspiration for each trend. So to learn more about how makeup has evolved, and the icons who helped make the looks so famous, have a read of the infographic below.

Entity reports on 100 years of make up.

Graphic via Beauty Flash.

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