Entity shares some bookstores you should visit on your world tour.

When you set out for your next vacation, how many books do you plan on packing? If you’re a book addict, it’s sure to be a pretty high number. But instead of weighing down your suitcase, visit the local bookshops on your world tour. Here are the best bookstores to get your book fix while you’re traveling the world.

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1 The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles

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 This is California’s largest used and new bookstore and can be found in a downtown Los Angeles loft. The name was chosen with a sense of irony, considering the decline of the print bookstore industry. They have become one of the largest independent bookstores in the world.

2 Strand Bookstore, New York City

 Strand Books opened on Book Row, covering nearly six blocks and originally housing 48,000 books. Now the Strand boasted a 2.5 million-book collection. Booklovers are Strand’s number one priority and cater to meet the needs of its readers. Today, this bookstore is the lone survivor of bookstores on Book Row.

3 Daunt Books, London

Operating on Marleybone Road for 25 years, Daunt Books has since opened stores across the city. Unlike most bookstores, the shelves are arranged by country, regardless of the genre of the book. The store has a focus on informed bookselling and service and subsequently, it has attracted many loyal fans.

4 Dom Inostrannoy Knigi or House of Foreign Books, Moscow

This is Moscow’s largest foreign and English language bookstore. It is situated in the historic district, which has been selling books for more than a century. It is a popular meeting spot for professors and students to browse the immense reading selection.

5 Shakespeare and Co., Paris

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The bookstore is located at the epicenter of Paris and has long been a meeting place for readers and writers. It is believed that since its opening, the shop has housed more than 30,000 writers and artists.

6 Globe, Prague

 Founded in 1993, Globe is Prague’s first and finest English language bookstore. It is located in a 130-year-old historic building and has become the literary meeting place for writers living in Prague. Along with its large collection of books, the store also sells artwork from locals.

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7 Maruzen Nihonbashi, Tokyo

 At this bookstore, there is everything from novels to memoirs to travel guides to English Manga translations. While the books may be the main attraction, the café upstairs is also popular and attracts many patrons.

8 Daryaganj, Delhi

Technically Daryaganj isn’t one bookstore, but many. It’s an area of Old Delhi and on Sundays vendors gather to sell India’s largest selection of magazines and secondhand books. Books are sold along a mile and a half stretch of road, and the market is located right next to some of India’s largest book publishers.

9 Gould’s Book Arcade, Sydney

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Gould’s Book Arcade is Australia’s largest used and new book depository. Readers will feel at home in this warehouse and are bound to have the book you’re looking for, as long as you have the patience to search for it. Run by family, the store specializes in out-of-print books.

10 The Book Lounge, Cape Town

The Book Lounge has in operation since 2007 and takes its customers seriously. To encourage young readers, the bookstore works with St. Mary’s Primary to ensure that children have access to the books with their Open Boxes that offer a wide selection.

11 The Hub, Lagos

 The Hub has become an intricate part of Lagos culture and many readers seek out their favorite books here. They offer a variety of books, from African literature to foreign and children’s books to adult’s.

12 El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires

Built inside an old opera house, this bookstore offers not only plenty of books to browse through, but also a beautiful look inside the gilded opera. Patrons revel in the beauty surrounding them and it’s a great bookshop to visit, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.

13 Confederate Books, Quito

Considered the best used bookstore in Ecuador, Confederate Books features a wide range of genres. The owner gets to know his patrons and often shares a glass of wine with them at the end of the day.

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Unfortunately for us readers, we can’t take our entire library on vacation with us, but no matter where you go, there is a world of books awaiting you. Plan your next vacation around these world-famous bookstores.

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