Entity shares our five favorite American girl dolls!

When you’re trying to choose the right American Girl doll for your child – not to mention the right American Girl doll accessories or American Girl doll clothes – you may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of options.

That’s why Entity is here to help. All of our favorite American Girl dolls can teach your child important life lessons. They’re also doll versions of women that do! Ready to find the perfect, empowering American Girl doll for your child? Here are five our of favorites!

1 Gabriela McBride

Why not start out with American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year? Gabriela isn’t just talented. She’s also using her poetic and dancing skills to help protect her community center. She shows how one girl can make a difference. She can even inspire your daughter (or son) to speak up for what she or he believes in. (The adorable American Girl doll clothes she comes in – including a purple “dream” shirt – are just a bonus!)


2 Felicity Merriman

We love Felicity because she shows how girls can stay brave and follow their hearts during politically troubling times, like the American revolutionary war. As we’ve seen with women’s marches and artistic movements like the Fearless Girl Statue, it’s never too early for children to get involved in politics. Why not have your child learn about American history at the same time?

3 Rebecca Rubin

If you want a doll that will inspire your child to embrace other people – regardless of their differences – Rebecca is the ideal role model. Rebecca dreams of becoming a star and she wants to impress with her school singing performance. When her Russian cousin is assigned to sing with her, though, Rebecca has to learn what’s more important: singing perfectly or being kind to others. Rebecca is a true example of women (or girls) supporting other women!

4 Kit Kittredge

Growing up during the Great Depression, Kit faces plenty of challenges. For instance, she has to move into the attic and celebrate holidays on a very tight budget. However, Kit continues to adapt and feel grateful for what her family does have. She’s even becomes somewhat of an entrepreneur, coming up with ways to make extra money for her family. Who needs a lot of money when you have Kit’s can-do attitude?

Entity shares our five favorite American girl dolls!

5 Kaya

Although Kaya struggles with pridefulness, we love her generosity, her dedication to her family and her dreams of being a strong, courageous leader. Kaya reminds girls (and their parents alike!) to be proud of their heritage, just as she embraces her Native American culture. She’s even an environmentally friendly role model, as she “always takes time to respect the Earth.” Kaya is proof that you don’t have to be perfect to make a positive mark on the world!

Although there are many American Girl dolls to choose from, some stick out more than others. In particular, we love these five dolls for showing that women (and girls) can make a difference in the world – whether by using their talents to help their community, by supporting others or by adopting a green perspective.

Perhaps female empowerment is the best American Girl doll accessory of all!

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