Entity shares tips on makeup looks that make brown eyes pop.

Are you a Brown Eyed Girl? Over at ENTITY, our hearts are “a-thumping” for these six elegant makeup looks for those women with a dark eye color.

If you want your brown eyes to pop, come prepared! Since over 55 percent of the world shares your eye shade, pack your makeup bag with the right tools and keep these cosmetic tips in mind.

Here are ENTITY’s five different eye makeup ideas to make your fierce and alluring brown eyes stand out in the crowd.

1 Go with gold.

Gold matches earthier tones, but adds some shimmer to make your eyes stand out. Pop a hint of gold on your lid to make your eyes look bigger. The shade will also make any gold specks in your eyes stand out like a star.

Celebrity makeup artist Sarah Tanno’s pick? Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill Intense Eye Shadow in Gold Blitz.

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“This shade is a perfect elegant gold that highlights brown eyes,” Tanno says via Refinery 29. “It’s perfect for the holidays.”

2 Rock purple eyeshadow.

The color purple goes beautifully with brown eyes. While all brown eyes can rock this bold color, light brown eyes may suit this style best.

If you want to tone down this dramatic eye look for more casual daytime vibes, celeb makeup artist Tracey Levy suggests adding some neutral shades to the mix.

“I think brown eyes look gorgeous when accented in purple shades with a bit of bronze mixed in,” Levy says via Instyle. “The extra warmth really makes eye color pop.”

3 Brighten up your liner.

If you’re feeling really bold, try a metallic teal eyeliner! Lauren + Vanessa makeup artist Vanessa Ungaro recommends this daring shade for dark brown eyed beauties in particular.

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“Applying a teal eyeliner onto the lower waterline of your eyes with a few coats of black mascara give brown eyes a dramatic look,” Ungaro said via Glamour.

Not really feeling the blues? Take a play from the second tip and trace purple eyeliner on your waterline instead.

4 Smoke it up.

You can never go wrong with smoky eyes – they can make every eye color absolutely stunning. Not convinced? Just take some tips from Kim Kardashian’s red carpet looks.

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If you’re a little intimidated by the trend, don’t panic! Makeup artist Gigi Shaker via Cosmopolitan offers a collection of tips to try, including drawing “V” shape and connecting the dots.

In addition to grey hues on your eyelids, try a few extra coats of your favorite dark mascara to add that extra oomph to your lashes! The additional layers will frame your eyes nicely – no Warby Parker glasses necessary.

5 Slay with metallic shades.

Add sparkling metallic shades in your eye makeup routine to add some flair. Contrast your black eyeliner with light metallic colors like lavender and pink to make your dark eyes glimmer.

Got yourself some hazel eyes? Celebrity makeup artist and beauty businesswoman Dae Sik Son recommends skipping the smokey look from the fourth tip and reaching for metallic shades.

“Heavy, smoky shadows tend to hide the subtle hints of green and gold in multitonal eyes,” Son says via Elle. “[For Hazel eyes] delicate metallics and dusty pinks intensify the flecks and make light brown eyes sparkle.”

6 Choose contrasting colors.

Blues and grays accent blue eyes, but they contrast brown, which makes them pop! When in doubt, stick to these colors: Purples, blues, metallic, light lavenders and pinks, rose gold and gold. Allure suggests Cobalt Shadow or Eggplant Mascara to brighten up your makeup bag and add some color to your routine.

Even if you’re not going to class, Sephora makeup artist Amy Suchma suggests studying up on your color theory.

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“On the color wheel, the most complementary color for each hue is located directly across from the targeted color,” Suchma says via Huffington Post. “As a rule of thumb, jewel tones work best for enhancing brown eyes because they have the same depth and richness,” she adds.

Which of these makeup looks are you dying to try? Set a date with your mirror to test it out, snap a photo and tweet us the results at @entity_mag!

Edited by Sara Butler

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