Hair seems so ordinary to us but it has this uncanny ability to transform the way we look. A cute furry-haired puppy can turn into a scrawny, pink animal when you shave all of its hair. Just like an average, ordinary looking boy can become a distinguished, mature and dashing man with just a few months of hair growth.

Here are five famous guys who just look better with beards.

1 Idris Elba

Entity shares how celebrity beards are coming back

Apart from being a smooth and badass detective on “Luther,” Idris Elba would make a pretty awesome James Bond. The Internet can’t get enough of his salt and pepper facial hair and it’s hard to imagine his Luther character without it.

2 Chris Pine

Entity shares how celebrity beards are coming back

On a scale of “Princess Diaries” to post-2015, how sophisticated and more mature does he look? Chris suits a medium, nicely trimmed garden best, though his longer, gray Golden Globes beard just might change your mind.

3 Kit Harrington

Entity reports how celebrity beards are back

Hair vs. no hair on Kit Harrington means the difference between the Iron Throne and Hand of King. We’re pretty sure it’s in some covenant that the man who oversees the seven kingdoms must have a beard. Plus, a hairless Jon Snow won’t be able to keep his face warm when winter arrives.

4 Michael Fassbender

Entity shares how celebrity beards are coming back

For Michael Fassbender, the amount of hair has to be a precise amount, a little over or under can ruin the look. The perfect amount is light stubble in the chin area, then medium stubble over the lip.

5 Jason Momoa

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Khal Drogo would not have looked as warrior-like in “Game of Thrones” without his beard. A shaven Drogo would have made him look like his “Baywatch” character landed in the wrong universe and the wrong TV show. A full on, flourishing garden is the right look for the Khal.

The women and men of America have spoken, and they say: Let those follicles flourish, men.

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