Entity has the scoop on how to arrange towels to make your home feel like a spa.

Your best friend is staying over this weekend. You’ve wiped down every surface possible, made her bed and set out enough snacks to last a week. But when you look at the bathroom, you cringe at your plain towels. How many towels will she need? And what can you do to make your bathroom looks like a spa from a magazine?

What’s a good host to do? Use one of these five quick ways to upgrade your regular towel arrangement before your guest arrives.

1 Quick Roll-Up

To create this simple look, all you need to do is lay a towel on a flat surface, fold the length in half and roll it up tightly, like a sushi roll. Be sure to make it an even roll so the ends are flat, and make sure the folded edge is facing out. Stack the rolled towels in a pyramid under the sink or on a shelf for a stylish, professional spa look. Although simple, this trick works with both hand towels and bath towels and is sure to impress your guest.

2 Stacking Towels

To create this look, start by folding a towel in half length-wise and hanging it over the towel rack. Then take a smaller, different-colored towel, follow the same steps and place it over the larger towel. Voila! – instant towel art! A large dark-colored towel with a small light-colored towel will look best for this arrangement, but work with what you have.

3 Basic Fold

Is your guest a fan of Egyptian art? Then this is the arrangement for you! First, gather two bath towels, one medium-sized and one hand. Then fold each four times and stack them on top of each other like a pyramid. Now your guest can find any towel he or she might ever need in one, gorgeous place! Any color combination is fine, but plain white towels look especially sleek and clean folded in this arrangement.

4 Hang ‘Em Up

For those who think that a room is never complete without a good set of curtains, here’s a towel version! Using hooks to hang towels around the sink, bathtub or shower can look just as elegant as folded arrangements. Also, this allows you to store more towels so they will be easier to switch out. In addition, hanging hand towels on easy-to-access hooks around the sinks also makes drying hands much easier. Coat racks are a great substitute if you don’t have any bathroom hooks available.

5 Baskets and Bins

Rolled, stacked and folded towels are easy to store and display in baskets and bins. These storage containers look best when mostly hidden, but make sure they are still easily accessible for your guest. Baskets and bins can be used to store towels under sinks or in cupboards, however, feel free to display the baskets if they are cute.

6 Accessorize

During Christmas, you probably see plenty of presents boasting ribbons and bows. Why? Because tying ribbons around a present is an easy way to dress up a plain wrapping paper – and the same logic applies to towels. In fact, tying ribbons around towels to create a bow in the front is the fastest way to make your towels look elegant for guests. Keep in mind, though, that ribbons often look best on smaller or medium-sized towels.

7 The Final Touch

Whatever technique you use, you can give it a final, personal touch by adding a candle to your stack of towels. Not only does it look elegant and classy, but guests who enjoy lighting candles to help them relax while bathing will also love having them easily accessible!

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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