Entity shares 5 expert tips on how to get healthy teeth.

If you want a smile that will dazzle the handsome stranger at your local coffee shop, you’re probably wondering how to get healthy teeth. Do you need vitamins for healthy teeth? Or can you keep teeth healthy naturally?

Luckily, having healthy teeth can be easier than you think. Here are our top five ways to gain and maintain healthy teeth!

1 Brush and floss like your teeth depend on it (because they do).

Have you ever lied to the dentist about how often you really brush or floss your teeth? The truth is, maintaining healthy teeth can seem like too much trouble sometimes – especially when you get home late and just want to flop into bed. However, experts suggest that you brush and floss twice a day to keep a healthy smile. They also suggest waiting 30-45 minutes after your meal before brushing. Why? This will let the acids in your mouth drop to their normal levels. Keep up these habits and you’ll make your dentist proud!


2 And brush the right way while you’re at it.

You may think you’re brushing your teeth enough, but if you’re not using the right technique, your teeth will suffer. So what’s the right way to brush for healthy teeth? First of all, keep your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle near the gum line. This way, the brush will massage your tooth and gum line at the same time. Don’t forget to brush the interior sides of your teeth – and your tongue and the roof of your mouth – either. Brushing your tongue can help remove bacteria that causes bad breath. If you become a brushing pro, you may not even need breath mints anymore!

3 Ditch dark drinks for super white teeth.

Want your smile to match the healthy teeth pictures you see at your dentist’s office or in celebrity magazines? Then you might want to try going on a “white teeth diet.” Basically, this involves ditching drinks like black tea, red wine, dark juices, gravies and colas. Smoking cigarettes or cigars can also harm those pearly whites. If you really can’t ditch your favorite dark drinks, brush your teeth immediately after drinking.

4 Use your teeth for food…and not much else.

Wondering how to keep your teeth healthy naturally? Then stick to your teeth’s natural uses! This means opening that stubborn Ketchup jar with your hands and not your teeth. Same goes for not using your teeth to crack nuts or tear open packaging. Trust us. Those cookies, walnuts or bottles of wine aren’t worth cracking or chipping your teeth over!

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5 Eat “detergent foods.”

Apparently, the secret to white, healthy teeth may be choosing to eat “nature’s toothbrushes.” Apparently, foods with firm or crisp textures help clean teeth as you eat them. What kind of foods are we talking about? Fruits like apples, raw veggies like carrots or celery, and even popcorn! If you know you won’t be able to brush your teeth soon after eating, try munching on one of these “cleansing” foods instead.

Getting and keeping healthy teeth may not sound easy, but your dental health is worth the effort! And, after you incorporate these tips, you’ll be closer to having the healthy teeth – and gorgeous smile – of your dreams.

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