ENTITY explains how tea light candles and visible toilet paper can improve your guest's experience when they use your home bathroom.

You’ve been there before – using a bathroom that made you feel more dirty than clean after using it. The kind of bathroom with an overwhelming smell that hit you the second you opened the door. The bathroom that didn’t even have any soap – yuck!

Is this the kind of experience you want guests to have when they use the bathroom at your house? It takes more than just hiding dirty towels and sticky products in your cabinets to have a clean bathroom. It may look nice and tidy, but the smell tells a different story.

Instead of giving visitors a panic attack in the shower, here are six ways you can deck out your bathroom to make it more welcoming.

1 Make sure it smells good.

According to The Inspired Room, you can’t discern the true scent of your home because you’re used to it. This is why it’s important to use great smelling cleaning supplies for your bathroom in order to take away certain smells like pet odor. You should also take out the trash, vacuum, dust and light a fragrant candle before your guests start to arrive.

In addition, HGTV recommends adding a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of potpourri, as this adds both scent and a cute decoration.

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2 Provide wet wipes.

Allow your visitors to freshen up with moist towelettes or baby wipes. This is especially important for those who like to feel extra clean after using the restroom.

3 Make sure there are clean towels.

Nothing is more disgusting than to see a dirty towel provided to dry your cleans hands with. It defeats the purpose of washing your hands because you’re putting gunk right back onto them. Make sure the towel is changed periodically and don’t forget to provide extra towels for guests who want to shower.

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4 Provide magazines or something to read.

When guests needs to spend a bit more time on the toilet, they could feel awkward just looking at the walls. Give them a comfortable way to pass the time by providing a little basket with a few magazines, brochures or books to read.

Houzz recommends filling a cute wire basket with magazines for your guests’ easy access.

5 Extra toilet paper should be visible.

Don’t keep extra rolls of toilet paper stowed away and out of sight. This makes a visitor uncomfortable if he or she runs out of toilet paper and needs some right away. This also wouldn’t be a great idea if you don’t want a guest looking through your drawers and cabinet.

So in order to avoid inconveniencing your guests, be sure to fill a basket with extra rolls of toilet paper that are easily accessible.

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6 Provide some personal care items.

She Knows advises that you place a basket in the bathroom filled with a few personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and anything guests might need that they forgot at home. You can even put Band-Aids, ointment, cotton balls, toothpaste and an extra toothbrush in the basket for an extra welcoming touch.

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