Appetence is The Voice of dating apps, with a blind matchmaking process, Entity reports.

When it comes to dating, would you consider getting to know someone, sight unseen?

Well, new dating app Appetence hopes your answer is “yes.” It focuses on the conversational aspect of dating, which the app believes “matters most.”

“As in real life, you know what’s sexy? A real conversation,” it says on the App store. Fair enough … but you know what else is sexy? Being a dead ringer for John Cho.

Appetence is The Voice of dating apps, Entity reports.

Appetence is The Voice of dating apps.

Which… is something you’d only be able to find out about if you could see the other person’s pictures.

Users on Appetence – which, by the way, refers to the Latin word “appetentia”, that according to Collins Dictionary means “an intense desire, a natural bond, attraction and affinity” – need to be in it for the long haul, because forget about even seeing somebody’s full bio until you’ve gotten a certain number of “likes.”

And it takes even more to unveil their profile picture. You know, kind of like when artists do those Twitter challenges where if you “like,” RT or post enough they’ll share an album cover or something. Or when “Game of Thrones” pissed everybody off by making them comment “FIRE” on Facebook Live to melt a giant block of ice and reveal the season seven premiere date.

And yes, it’s kind of like “The Voice.” The judges sit with their backs turned while the artists perform, getting to know their styles and voices before they decide if they want to hit their buttons, turn around and actually see the contestant in question.

The more Appetence users talk to matches, the more they have the opportunity to “like” each other (via lines of conversation, interests, etc.) and bring them closer to seeing their profile picture — if they both so choose.

“Feel special again,” Appetence says. “Don’t be just a simple picture on another dating app. On Appetence your details are completely private.” Is it bad if I definitely thought this was a prank when I first saw it?

Appetence is The Voice of dating apps with a blind matchmaking process for daters, Entity reports.

Appetence is The Voice of dating apps with a blind matchmaking process for daters. Images via Appetence

There are so many dating apps on the market now. We’ve got your standard – Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, Clover – your feminist – Bumble – your “new age” – Hinge, Winkd, Hater. And those are just the ones that are really mainstream.

So forgive me for being skeptical if I wonder if in our society of instant gratification we’re even capable of using an app like Appetence. The name is also a little clunky, if I may be so bold.

But to be fair, I get what they’re going for. And they’re different enough that it separates them from the pack. That’s good, since despite the fact that 22 percent of young people are using dating apps, we all seem to hate them.

Explaining the process, Camilla Forsell of Appetence said, “Like in real life, it’s about proceeding little by little as the conversation goes. So then, when the time comes for having a date, you will already be feeling comfortable, because you’ve been getting to know that other person as like in real life through Appetence.”

They do say that patience is a virtue. So maybe if we just accept a mobile, quasi-blind date and actually take the time to talk to a stranger (? – wait I feel like I’m talking myself out of this as I type…) we could find love in this jaded day and age.

Or this will just be yet another app that we’ll all download and then bitch about to our girlfriends over wine on Saturday night. At least we’ll always have that.

Entity reports that Appetence is The Voice of dating apps, but will it really be better than Tinder?

Appetence is The Voice of dating apps, but will it really be better than Tinder? Image via NBC/Giphy

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