Entity shares how to bring a little bit of country into your city dwelling.

If you live in the city, sometimes you might feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but gray concrete, metal and pollution. Day and night, you hear the deafening noise of shouts, sirens and cars. Even if you love living in the city, your home should be your escape. It’s the one place where you can drown out the craziness of city life.

Sometimes the only way to do that is to escape to nature. But if you don’t have the time to take a nature walk every evening, there are steps you can take to  spruce up your home to reflect natural scenery.

So if you’re wondering what you can do to make your city home more rural, include these items in your décor.

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1 Plants. Lots of plants.

When you escape the city for a weekend, what’s the first thing you notice? Trees stretch for miles and you see nothing but green. To bring that natural element to your home, be sure to incorporate plants of all kinds in every corner of your house. This means buying fresh flowers every week or grabbing a potted plant from your nearest store.

You can also grow hanging ivy, succulents, flowers or even vegetables and herbs, which not only look great, but clean the air of trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, according to Natural Life Magazine.

2 Water fountains

Gurgling streams, crashing waterfalls, thundering waves – no matter what form, water always soothes the mind. To make your house feel more natural, be sure to incorporate the sounds of water. It doesn’t matter if you have a recording of the ocean on permanent replay or if you purchase a small fountain to sit atop your coffee table. Either way, you are making the environment of your home feel a little more pleasant.

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3 Natural colors

If you want your city house to feel more like the countryside, don’t leave your walls painted white or gray. Instead, paint your walls with colors typically found in nature such as blue, green or brown. A blue wall will remind you of the seaside while a moss green will take you back to nature walks through the forest. Don’t hesitate to paint each wall a different color or a different shade of the same color for a more trendy look.

4 Organic materials

To bring a little bit of the country into your home, weave organic materials throughout different rooms in a seamless fashion. A jar of seashells would look striking on your bookcase and a handwoven basket filled with fruit would look great on a dining room table. Organic Authority suggests incorporating driftwood in the home as “a stunning mobile or wind chime.” Even if you don’t have nature outside your house, you can bring nature inside to you.

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5 Botanical patterns

The best way to make your home feel more rural is to let your décor reflect nature. Botanical patterns are perfect for this. Maybe purchase rose or violent patterned cushions. Maybe feature different cacti on your curtain design. It doesn’t matter what kind of pattern you use as long as it reminds you of the diverse plants and animals found outdoors.

6 Rustic furniture

Nature rarely features straight lines and geometric patterns. Most of the time, edges in nature are soft and rounded, such as the curves of a leaf or the meanders of a river. This is exactly why it might be a good idea to choose furniture that reflects this softness. Don’t be afraid to purchase a dining room table with raised knots or chairs made out of bamboo. Freshome suggests enjoying “the rugged nature of natural rock walls in the kitchen” or “dark mahogany flooring in the living room.”

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Combine a few or even all of these ideas so that when the noise and dirt of the city starts to drive you crazy, your home will be a pleasant escape that reflects the beauty and peacefulness of the outdoors.

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