Constance Wu QT on Entity

Constance Wu plays Jessica Huang in the ABC comedy ‘Fresh off the Boat.” She is beautiful. She is open. And she is hoping to knock out Asian stereotypes in Hollywood. Additionally,  Allure recently reported that her Asian role model is Michelle Kwan. “Because her beauty comes from within,” Wu says. She admires genuine souls like Kwan. Wu is also an advocate for women’s rights. In recent news, she tweeted her disapproval for Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination. Unfortunately, he’s been accused of sexually harassing women. The Oscar’s kept a blind eye when it came to recognizing his acting accomplishments. In 2017, Casey Affleck won an Academy Award for Best Actor in “Manchester By the Sea.” The results displeased many female stars, including Wu. This is just one of many of Hollywood’s flaws. Thankfully, Wu is quick to recognize this. She represents a strong voice for Asian actors and females alike.

Overall, Wu wants women to embrace their diversity. Although Hollywood’s standards of beauty doesn’t always reflect this same message. But Wu raises above that and continues making a name for herself. Her outstanding performance on ABC earned her a nomination for Critics’ Choice Television Award. We look forward to her future and watching her grow.


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