ENTITY lists dating apps.

Dating apps are gradually becoming the new norm. In fact according to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans view online dating as a good way to meet new people! With this in mind, Tinder’s rapid growth in popularity since its launch in 2012 is no surprise. In fact, it has become a lot of people’s dating app of choice.

Although Tinder seems to be dominating, there are actually tons of dating apps out there to try! Because sometimes you just need a break from the endless swipes and the unsolicited—ahem— intimate photos. Of course, signing on to a new dating app or paying for a user subscription will not guarantee more genuine connections or less aggressive photos. However, sometimes you just need to switch it up!

Here are 5 apps to try that put a twist on the classic swipe model.

1 Bumble

ENTITY talks dating apps

Bumble may be very similar to Tinder in many ways, but there is one key feature that makes all the difference: women make the first move (for same-sex couples, either person can send the message first). This automatically decreases the unnecessary amount of aggressive messages and photos sent by men out into the void.

This app puts the power in women’s hands, allowing them to be the active party in the encounter. Moreover, the app is dedicated to uniting people and has even organized pop-ups to get more people to meet their matches in person!

The app also has BFF and Business versions for making more platonic connections.

2 Crown

ENTITY talks dating apps

Sometimes Tinder can become like a game for people. Crown has taken this game concept and made it a thing all in itself! They even call themselves a “dating game in your pocket.” Every day at noon you get 16 curated profiles of people near you that you narrow down to your top 4 matches.

The goal of Crown is to narrow down your dating pool so there isn’t so much mindless swiping, and you’ll have more time to pursue connections. It makes sense that their tagline is “Less swiping, more fun!”

3 Dindr

ENTITY talks dating apps

Dindr prides itself on making dates, not matches. The goal is to get you face-to-face with the person on the other side of the phone. To do this, Dindr limits the day’s matches to people who are currently looking.

The app allows you to browse profiles and choose who you would like to go on a date with. At noon and 5 pm, your top matches are revealed! Dindr then helps you set up a date over a meal or a snack by suggesting nearby date spots and times based on your interests. If you’re lucky, Dindr might even pay for your dinner!

4 Hinge

ENTITY talks dating apps

Hinge seeks to provide an alternative to the swipe model dating apps. In fact, their tagline, similar to Crown, hinges (see what I did there) on the deconstruction of the swipe model — dating, not swiping. With the goal of getting you to meet other people in person, Hinge connects users with the friends of their friends and even the friends of their friends’ friends.

To do this, Hinge operates through Facebook to connect users that have some link to each other through a friend trail. The app also takes into account interests and preferences, so it’s not all based on people lingering at the edges of your social circles.

Bonus: you can ask your friends about the person before going out with them!

5 The League

ENTITY talks dating apps

The League is the perfect dating app for those professionally-oriented folks. In addition to Facebook verification, the app actually requires that you connect via Linkedin. Sounds a little unusual, I know.

The League doesn’t shy away from people’s preferences. In fact, The League prefers to call picky people “self-aware,” as seen in their app description. So if you’re looking to connect with someone with very specific characteristics or similar achievements and ambitions, The League is perfect for you.

The vetting process is very strict, so it can take a while to get on there. The plus side? Once you’re in, you’re in. 

No matter which app you decide works best for you—or if you’re using more than one—always remember to stay safe and respect each other!

Edited by Kylie Anderson

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