Donald Trump and Harvey Levin meet in Oval Office

LOS ANGELES — Many of you know that ENTITY broke the story last week about President Trump taking a “secret” meeting with Harvey Levin of TMZ, allegedly to discuss Levin’s new reality TV show  “OBJECTified”, which Trump appeared on back in November.  The show has been picked up by Fox News for 10 additional episodes and we’re told Levin wants Trump to help him secure high profile guests, including political power players.

Interestingly, despite ongoing inquiries from not only us but many other major media outlets including The New York Times, both the President’s office and TMZ have basically refused to comment. Presidential spokesman Hope Hicks did confirm the meeting but offered no further explanation.

On some level it seems to me that even if Trump refuses to comment, Levin should be willing to make some statement to the rest of the world.  After all, his own primary business, TMZ, is supposedly a journalistic organization that is based upon accurate reports of celebrity comings and goings — many of which are subject matter that the celebrities being covered would much prefer remain private.

Thus I don’t understand how Levin in good conscience can remain “mum” in the face of many media inquiries from competitive media organizations. In other words, he and TMZ owe us at least further comment or some explanation about the “Five W’s” as in who, what, when, where, why. Well let’s make that four actually as we do know the where — the White House.

Is this a conflict of interest? Should Donald Trump be planning shows like this now, as opposed to at the end of his term? To borrow from a predecessor of TMZ’s, “inquiring minds want to know.” Come on, Harvey, time for some answers or at least some explanation.  Not to mention, whatever the answer is, it would seem to be a plus for Mr. Levin and TMZ to be meeting with the President himself at the White House no less to discuss … a TV show idea. Not sure why, now, TMZ decides to keep its mouth shut?!

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