Entity discusses model Hunter McGrady

On July 7 of 2018, Entity had the pleasure of hosting a talk by size-inclusive “Sports Illustrated” model Hunter McGrady.  At the end of her incredible speech, detailing how her journey through the entertainment business intersected with her journey to self-love, she was kind enough to open the floor for questions from the audience.

These are just a sample of the questions asked at the end of McGrady’s speech:

Audience Member: So you’re human and beautiful. What do you do to get through the bad days?

Hunter McGrady: Those positive affirmations, and actually looking at myself in the eyes, in the mirror, and telling myself these things, has changed the way I look at myself. I’ll do it in the morning when I wake up (my fiancé thinks I’m crazy, probably). I’ll do it when I’m driving, in the rear view mirror. I also believe in writing down the things you feel thankful for. I also think that music is a huge help. It can really change your mood.

But it’s okay to have bad days. We’re human, and I don’t think we’re told that enough.

AM: How do you balance your work life and your personal life? Are all your friends in the same career path as you?

HM: Actually I have a couple friends here today who are in totally different career paths. One of the most important things is to make sure you take care of your personal life too. Your friends and your family…I think that is first. Well, God is first for me, and then friends and family.

AM: What advice would you give to your younger self, or to someone who is currently trying to break that cycle? Someone who knows this information, has invested in self-love, but is still having that struggle?

HM: I would tell myself to not worry so much, because the only person who’s really worried about what I look like is me. I love wearing a skimpy bikini on the beach because I know it will make people uncomfortable. But I love it.

AM (paraphrased): With your mom being a model, and your dad being an actor, did you feel pressured to look a certain way? When do you think healthy body image starts?

My family is incredible, and they are so supportive. I think that [healthy body image] starts at home…believe it or not, it starts when you’re young. My parents never made me feel bad about my body. They never made me feel guilty for eating. They never made me feel anything less than beautiful and empowered.

We want to send out a huge “thank you” once again to Hunter McGrady and all the women who made this event possible. You all really are #womenthatdo.

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