Entity shares inspiring models turned businesswomen.

We see them everywhere. They are svelte muses who grace the pages of countless magazines and ads. And they rule the catwalks and dictate the newest fashion trends.

For those who are in love with fashion, models are an inspiration. Especially because they use their platform to start their own trends. Either way, models are the integral part to the fashion world.

Many beautiful faces come and go with trends, but some models (like Elle Macpherson) are able to turn their star power into staying power. Here are some models turned businesswomen who have set themselves apart with their business savvy.

1 Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford was one of the most successful models of her time. In 1995, Forbes  magazine named Crawford as one of the highest paid models in the world. She also appeared in many music videos, TV shows and movies.

Nowadays the supermodel does only a little modeling in fashion magazines. When she’s not modeling she manages her own furniture lines and does charity work for the Ronald McDonald Playhouse. In addition, she donates for medical research causes.

2 Tyra Banks

You might remember Tyra Banks from her hit show America’s Next Top Model.

You might also remember the supermodel for being the first African American woman featured on the cover of Playboy.

Banks has also been a devout champion for curvier women. She also advocates people to embrace a lifestyle that is more accepting of all different types of bodies.

Instead of losing the twenty pounds needed for a modeling career, Banks instead chose to stay happy with how she looked and changed her career to fit her body. She became a wildly famous lingerie and bikini model and started another successful career in TV and philanthropy.

3 Lameka Fox

This teenage model is new to the game and hasn’t made any contributions to the business world yet. However, Lameka Fox represents a new wave of models who are scouted and become famous online.

Fox is one of many online models who used Instagram as a way to promote her image.

4 Ahsley Graham

Since her breakthrough in the 2016, Ashley Graham has made a splash in the plus-size modeling world.

Graham certainly has not let the criticisms bring her down. She designs her own lingerie line, Modern Budoir, and has spoken publicly about plus size modeling in a TED talk.

5 Barbara Ferreira

Barbara Ferreira is also a young model starting fresh in the industry. But this vivacious 18-year-old has made a mark for herself with her confidence and unique business savvy.

Ferreira started out with American Apparel ads and eventually moved up from there.

Along with aspirations to act, Ferreira is another plus-size model who sends a strong and wonderful message to young women like herself through social media. She also makes and sells her own hats.

6 Naomi Campbell

This super famous supermodel from the 1980s and ‘90s pursued many interests on top of her modeling career.

Aside from becoming the first black model to appear on TIME magazine and making multiple appearances on Vogue magazine, Campbell also launched her own singing career and perfume line.

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