Entity reports consumers are purchasing marijuana over beer in states where it is legal.

One in four Americans are choosing to spend their money on marijuana over beer, now that’s it’s become legal in more states.

In fact, twenty-seven percent of beer consumers are now legally purchasing weed instead — or suggested they would if it were legalized in their state.

The findings come from research group Cannabiz Consumer Group, who surveyed 40,000 Americans last year — during which time about 24.6 million people legally purchased pot.

And that number is only expected to grow, according to the study. Many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, while a smaller number have legalized it for recreational purposes. Of course, the Trump administration has set out to stop that trend.

However, the group still believes the marijuana industry will grow – estimating it will reach sales of over $50 billion. They also estimated that if marijuana were legalized nationally, the beer industry would lose a whopping $2 billion in sales.

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To be fair, the beer industry reports sales of over $100 billion per year, so that would still only be seven percent of the market.

Beer sales dropped in Colorado, Oregon and Washington after the legalization of marijuana, as reported by Money. So, small percent of the market or not, the beer industry should probably watch out. The marijuana industry is coming for you.

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