Entity reports on thoughts about Nick Viall and how he just wants to F women.

Normally I am ecstatic for the return of “The Bachelor” because as a seasoned vet of the show, I love the attractive guy combined with hot mess train wrecks,  a love story full of strange brand deals and a televised wedding special as the cherry on top. But this time it’s different because the new Bachelor – Nick Viall – is someone I have tried so hard to love, but just can’t.

The guy seems like a total player to me and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. A 22-year-old male friend I watched the season premiere with put it best when he said, “This guy could care less about falling in love, he totally just wants to f— them.”

That’s obvious from the way Nick delivers his trademark move of making eye contact with someone off camera – he did it in this episode just like he has in his many previous appearances on these shows.

How does this make him seem like a player? Think about the last guy you were flirting with at the bar. He wasn’t there alone – he was there with his friends. And when a guy gets any attention about a girl he wants to sleep with, what does he do? He looks around at his friends to see if they approve. In the same way, Nick looks off camera to producers/friends who are hiding on the other side. It’s the classic move.

But you know what else this move means? It means that Nick is insecure about his decisions, always looking for others to okay his every move. He needs to focus on his situation and maybe viewers will begin to trust him again.

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I certainly don’t. This guy is a reality show fame whore who is so obsessed with seeing himself on TV that he’s back for a fourth time on the ABC dating franchise.

For those of you that have selective hearing and missed the 500 times the phrase “fourth time’s the charm” were said on Monday night, let me break down this guy’s past.

It all started in May 2014, when Andi Dorfman shrugged off the slime of Juan Pablo and began her journey as Season 10’s “The Bachelorette.” Up waddled a grown-up child called Nick and I really can’t remember much more than that about him. But Nick made it to the final where Andi pulled a very classy move and told him he wasn’t the one before he even got dressed for the proposal. And then at “After the Final Rose,” he made a very unclassy move calling  Andi out for sleeping with him.

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After that  screw up, Nick decided that going back on the same show was a great idea. So he went on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season 11 of “The Bachlorette,” was passive aggressive towards all the other guys on the show and lost again, this time fully dressed and prepared for the one knee bend.

Next this two-time runner-up, believing he was destined to find his true love on TV, travels to “Bachelor in Paradise” where he meets one of my all time favorites, Jen Saviano. I was actually beginning to like him when all of the sudden he dumps her to be “The Bachelor.” Like I say, he’s just obsessed with fame, but only for himself.

On ABC’s website for the show, it actually says this, “His journey on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ made him a fan favorite, with women and men across the country rooting for him to become the Bachelor and continue on his quest to find love.”


Now I am just going to make this clear, I have yet to meet a single person who thinks this guy is genuine, much less a “fan favorite.”

In fact, I’ll bet many people who watched this latest episode couldn’t stand him by the end of it.  

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But I’ll admit I’m as hooked as ever on the show. Nick’s sly looks off camera have become as much a feature of the series as the commercials – look for more of those next Monday.

It will be fascinating to watch over the coming weeks if he gets what he wants – namely jumping in the sack with as many of these women as possible – or if he will develop some self awareness and grow into a better person. Can a player change his ways? We’re about to find out.

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