It's time to redefine clitoris, Entity reports.

When was the last time you said the word clitoris? What about masturbation? Have you ever even had a conversation about either of those?

That’s what we thought. It’s time to redefine clitoris.

Redefine Clitoris? What does that even mean?

Well, here’s the news.

It has come to ENTITY’s attention that the United States National Library of Medicine’s definition for clitoris is a little fishy. But don’t worry, we won’t be giving you an anatomy lesson using a female private parts diagram or anything. That was so 7th grade (well, if you’re lucky).

Instead, we will be leading a quick lesson on the importance of definitions. And more importantly, by the end of this article, we will redefine clitoris. Oh and just a heads up, we will be talking about masturbation. A LOT.

So This Is The Current Definition

Clitoris: An erectile structure homologous with the penis, situated beneath the anterior labial commissure, partially hidden between the anterior ends of the labia minora.

Even with just a quick glance there’s a phrase that jumps out at you so fast you can’t help but going back for a second reading, “An erectile structure HOMOLOGOUS with penis.”

Wait, so even the definition of clitoris is all about the penis?! Oh, right. Because the clitoris is totally the same as the penis. Hah, as if.

So here are five reasons why we need to redefine clitoris:

1 The Clitoris is an unspoken word.

Saying the word clitoris, or even vagina, is like Harry Potter saying Voldemort. We often refer to it in a “she who must not be named” manner, meaning that we don’t ever say the word at all. The truth of the matter is, the clitoris is one pretty fucking powerful part of our body. We might as well give it the recognition it deserves.

This is the first step on our mission to redefine clitoris: Start talking about it. Say it right now. Clitoris.

2 The Clitoris and Penis are obviously two different things.

Hopefully this didn’t come as too much of a shock to you.  A petition on reads, “Words matter. They shape and mold our ideas and beliefs about our purpose, our bodies, our self-worth and our place in the world around us.”

Women are an extremely unique species. We have endured, and continue to endure, discrimination and degradation of all kinds. But we possess the mighty clit. The least the medical community could do is honor it with its own definition — separate from that of the male species.

3 The Clitoris requires different stimulation.

Yeah, don’t try giving a clitoris a hand job. ‘Nough said.

4 The Clitoris comes with a masturbation stigma.

At some point in time, society decided that men are not only expected to masturbate whenever, wherever and all over whatever they please, but also that it’s okay for them to talk about it in public.

But how often does female masturbation come up? Never. Most women actually feel so embarrassed about the topic, that they don’t even talk about it with their closest friends.

As Hannah Witton wrote in her BBC article, “If we were ever asked by boys if we masturbated the ‘right’ answer (whether you actually did or not) was, “Eew, no, gross, of course not!”

God forbid any female ever touched herself on the clitoris! But umm, hello? The world’s not going to end.

Mal Harrison, previous sexologist at the Museum of Sex, and current director at the Center for Erotic Intelligence makes a good point. He said in an interview that, “Female masturbation is not a threat to male sexuality, but a grace to humanity overall.”

Female masturbation is literally a gift to the world. It’s about time we redefine clitoris and give it its own definition so the bountiful clit can grace humanity even more. For instance, the clit “should be thought of as something that bestows a sense of self-reliance, independence, stress-relief and joy,” Harrison says.

Now that’s a definition we can vibe with.

5 The clitoris is an independent woman.

And so are you. Go out in life and find what pleasures you. Masturbate a little. Or a lot. Just do what makes you feel empowered and NEVER let anyone make you feel ashamed for the things you may or may not do with your clit. We aren’t saying to wear your clit on your sleeve, because that’s literally impossible (and would be pretty weird), but be open and honest.

If we women come together and start the conversation about the clitoris, we will only empower each other more. So start saying clitoris today. Masturbate proudly!

And don’t forget to tell everyone about it. Well, maybe not everyone. You get the idea.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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