Entity reports on Sarah Hyland's hilarious trolling of "Bachelor" contestant Corinne.

As if we needed another reason to love Sarah Hyland.

As she caught up on “The Bachelor” from two weeks ago, Sarah treated all of her followers to a bit of live-tweeting of the ABC reality drama.

And the whole time she hilariously trolled “Bachelor” contestant Corinne Olympios… using gifs of her character Haley Dunphy from “Modern Family.”

She declared her allegiance early on, posting, “Nick and Corrine forever cause Vanessa is too good for him. I love her.”

Then she realized the similarity between Corinne and her character, Haley Dunphy. She posted the epiphany with a gif of Haley complaining, “I hate it when people assume things about me that aren’t true.”

She also played on Corinne’s proclivity to sleep during the rose ceremony – a contentious topic with the other contestants.

And did a throwback to Corinne’s infamously odd power play, in which she snuck bachelor Nick Viall away to a bouncy castle for an intimate moment.

Oh, and remember that time Corinne grabbed her breasts in a bid to prove how mature she was? Sarah sure does. And she found the perfect gif to mock her… featuring herself.

She concluded her gif spree with the perfect Haley and Alex (Ariel Winter) moment, from when they tried to get back at a girl for being mean to their little brother.

In the gif Haley could be seen declaring, “This crazy bitch just messed with the wrong crazy bitch.” And she compared it to Corinne trash-talking Taylor.

Sarah made it perfectly clear that she was Team Vanessa and did NOT want to see Nick pick Corinne.

He’s probably gonna pick Corrine and it’s gonna be like Ben and Courtney ALL over again and ima be at home on the couch like…” she posted, along with a gif of Haley flipping out in her car.

But wait… Sarah wasn’t actually finished just yet. After insisting she didn’t want to “take anything too far” she shared one last LOL-worthy Haley gif.

Writing, “Corrine when Taylor walks in on her alone time with nick after she was dumped,” Sarah shared a gif of Haley giving some serious, judgmental side eye.

Sarah, don’t ever change.

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