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“Suits” season 7 kicks off the beginning of a new era for our favorite corporate firm.

There hasn’t been a season so far that hasn’t completely wowed us. There are many reasons to watch “Suits,” in general, such as the Litt-astic quotes, the genuine characters and the amazing dramedy plot lines. And although there will be a huge shift in season 7, “Suits” promises to remain the show we fell in love with, so we can forever be “Suitors.”

What is the “Suits” Season 7 Release Date?

Entity talks suits season 7

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“Suits” Season 7  begins its reign on summer television, Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 9/8c on USA. Many of you might be a little confused at this information. Scrolling across the net, we’ve heard many people asking for the “Suits” season 8 release date or information regarding “Suits” season 8, but season 8 is a long time coming.
We know, we know. Things get a little confusing when shows go on long mid-season hiatuses. That’s why we are here to clear up all the confusion. The end of season 6 wrapped up with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) passing the bar due to Jessica’s (Gina Torres) touching speech. Rachel (Meghan Markle) also became a full-fledged lawyer and 3rd-year associate.
Harvey now runs the office as managing partner. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) got a taste of what it’s like to be a big boss with her and Benjamin’s (David Reale) computer assistant software, the Donna. Jessica left the firm for good to find happiness in her life.
entity talks suits season 7

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And Louis (Rick Hoffman) got dumped by the woman who he thought would be his wife. This sounds a little depressing compared to everyone else’s happy and neat story-lines, but this will be good for him. It’s going to spark the sorely needed growth in his character.

Now that season 6 has ended, along with the 6 season series arc revolving around Mike’s fraudulent actions, season 7 has the opportunity to give us fresh stories for everyone. This big shift suits season 7 as this particular season holds the “Suits” 100th episode, a huge landmark in television.

What’s to Come for Season 7?

entity talks suits season7

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As Aaron Korsh, the show’s creator, spilled to The Hollywood Reporter that “The band is back together for season seven […] but they’re back together in a different way than they were the last time they worked together.”

Not that we didn’t absolutely love Mike’s arc, but it’s time we move everyone’s stories that don’t revolve around keeping his secret.


Donna, for one, is tired of doing things for everyone else and not herself. She’s beginning a new chapter in her life that requires more. Just as she told Harvey in the season 6 finale, she needs more from her life than being an executive assistant and being friend-zoned by him.

In a telling Deadline interview, Korsh explains that Donna’s arc in season 7 will explore her needs a little bit more. He also explained that her relationship with Harvey will change as she grows into her new powerful role.


entity talks suits season 7

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Rachel has come into her own, as well. She’s now on equal footing as Mike and the other lawyers at Pearson Specter Litt. A big question for her arc will be how she fits into her new role at Pearson Specter Litt. In his Deadline interview, Korsh says she “serves two masters  — pro bono and corporate cases — because [they’ve] laid some groundwork in the past that a lot of times those things are at odds with each other.”

Will she want to work under her fiancé? Her heart would lead in that direction. However, she worked at a corporate law firm for a reason. Simply because Mike has now brought the pro-bono cases to the firm, doesn’t mean she’ll want to follow that path.


Mike also has a huge responsibility shift now that he’s in control of his own division in the firm. Like Harvey, he always answered to someone, who could personally clean up his messes.

Now Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will be too busy to fix Mike’s issues, especially for an entire department. Korsh hinted that clients will be hesitant to let him take cases due to his history. Beyond getting past this speed bump, Mike will have to worry about staffing, the priority of cases, etc.

He’s done all the barking, saying how important the transition to fighting for the less fortunate is for the firm and himself. How will he hold up against all the pressure and demands these cases take?


Entity talks suits season 7

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Harvey’s character will go through one of the biggest changes because now his role is a lot larger than it was before. Initially, Harvey got to run wild, and do whatever he wanted. Jessica handled most of the back-end corporate problems. Now Harvey’s in the driver’s seat.

This sounds ideal, but not for a man who usually does things for his own interests. This will not only add more stress onto Harvey through responsibility, but also in his attempt to fill Jessica’s size 13’s (according to Louis.)

Korsh elaborates on this topic in his Deadline interview by saying, “Let’s say he’s following in the footsteps of Jessica. Is he going to be worried that he can’t fill her shoes? Because Jessica was a huge force and presence in his life so that’s all going to play out throughout the course of Season 7.”


In respect to Louis’s character arc in “Suits” Season 7, Korsh also touched on Louis’s response to Harvey’s new role. He posed the questions, “How does Louis react to [Harvey’s new role]? What is Louis going to be like in the aftermath of Tara?”

So Louis will have a lot of character development this season. He’ll not only have to learn to swallow his pride and take edicts from Harvey as his new boss, but he’ll also have to learn how to rein in his emotions.

His loss of Tara hit him very hard. However, it was the push he needed to work on himself and catch up with everyone else in the character growth department. Louis deserves this attention and we’re glad he’s finally getting it.

Are There Any New “Suits” Cast Members?

entity talks suits season 7

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Although Jessica doesn’t really count as new. She officially left the firm last season. However, now that there’s a new suits spin-off in the works for her character, she won’t hang up her suit just yet. What better way would there be to cross-over some “Suits” fans that are already intimate with her character than to have crossover episodes?

For those who don’t know what a crossover episode is, it’s an episode that combines cast members that are from different shows, but in the same “universe.” “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” have done this plenty of times. As well as the DC TV-verse on the CW with “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

Jessica could begin her spin-off by getting a two-episode appearance in “Suits” this season or the next that leads into the premise of her own show. We know we wouldn’t be complaining. One of the things we’ll miss the most in “Suits” is Jessica and Harvey’s relationship.

Dulé Hill as Alex Williams

entity talks suits season 7

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A new fresh fresh face that we will see in season 7 belongs to Dulé Hill. The “Psych” star will be playing a senior partner at Bratton Gould, the rival firm of Pearson Specter Litt. As The Hollywood Reporter explains in their exclusive, he’s no little fish.

He’s not only friends with Harvey Specter (we didn’t even know Harvey had friends outside of the office,) but he has his own long list of powerful clients that back him.

It’s hard to pin-down why he’ll be at Pearson Specter Litt while working for another firm, but we’re sure it has something to do with Harvey and helping him get his feet wet in his new responsibility.

He might act as an advisor or extra revenue as it seems he’s rented out an office at the firm. We won’t find out until episode two what exactly his role will be. However, we’re excited to see Hill in action in this new environment. He suits season 7 perfectly already.

The first “Suits” season 7 trailer officially released in March. This trailer highlights what’s in store for our characters.

This second trailer released in June and underscores just how similar the dramedy tone will be for season 7 as it was for the rest of the seasons. Although this season acts as a jumping off point for many new story-lines, our beloved show will remain the same.

The following “Suits” season 7 images were first published by Harper’s Bazaar and give the audience a peak into the upcoming story.

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photo by @/GabMachtBR via Twitter

Mark the “Suits” season 7 date of release in your Calendars for July 12th! This season guarantees to be a wild, new and exciting ride.

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