Swiss court upholds sentence for stealthing case, Entity reports.

A Swiss court has upheld a 12-month suspended sentence for a man convicted of disturbing new trend “stealthing” – deliberately removing his condom during sex without the consent of his partner.

The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law recently covered the trend, which men online seem to believe is their “natural male right.” Vom. They’ve also tried to justify the violation of their sexual partner by saying it’s simply “a natural male instinct.”

Right… so likely the same people who flip out and yell “not all men!” when women hyperbolize during discussions of safety and rape culture, are also arguing that it’s “natural” for them to turn consensual sex into rape by deliberately violating the trust of their partner. Okay.

The case alleges that the pair had met via dating app Tinder, because of course they did. They both consented to sex at the woman’s home, though she had refused to have unprotected sex.

However, she later discovered that he had removed his condom anyway. Because when a woman says no that’s apparently open for interpretation. After that she decided to file charges against him, fearing she could become pregnant or have an STD.

Well, since the Swiss apparently don’t hate all women like we seem to in America, they decided that is fucked up – which it is. So the judge handed this sex criminal a 12-month suspended sentence for rape, which was later changed to defilement from rape… but still. The appeals court upheld the sentence.

That was kind of a big deal, since it appeared to be the first case of its kind in Switzerland. And perhaps anywhere. Alexandra Brodsky’s report in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law only came out this past November.

Because, you know, some random man’s issues with entitlement are not more important than his partner’s safety and her risk of pregnancy and STDs.

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