Entity reports on an anti-abortion bill.

A new Texas bill would literally make it legal for doctors to lie to pregnant women.

Senate Bill 25 – which passed unanimously in the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs – would leave it up to the doctor to decide if a pregnant woman should know about the health of the fetus. It would also make it impossible for a doctor to be sued for intentionally withholding this kind of information.

Which, let’s be real, is not only a strict stance against abortion, but also a blatant stripping away of what remaining rights a Texan woman had to her own bodily autonomy.

Entity reports on the insane new Texas abortion bill that wants to make it legal for doctors to withhold important information from pregnant women.

New Texas ant-abortion bill would make it legal for doctors to withhold information from pregnant women. Image via Universal Pictures/Giphy

Supporters are claiming the bill is to protect doctors’ rights – a notably marginalized group – and to show respect to disabled children. We literally do not have the energy to explain why this latter part is beyond problematic… so we’ll just let Bill Nye do it for us.

But let’s pretend this is really about protecting disabled children – for whom pro-lifers seem to suddenly lose concern following birth – and think about it rationally.

This bill is saying that it is actually better for a woman to go through a complicated pregnancy with no knowledge that it is complicated. So, without taking any extra precautions, supplements or even trial drugs that could help to improve the survival rate.

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For example, Rachel Tiddle, who unknowingly carried a fetus with severe abnormalities, said had she known she would have tried one of many available experimental therapies to try and save her baby’s life. Of course, her doctor didn’t find it pertinent information to share with her, and she later gave birth to a stillborn baby.

“Don’t you think this creates a climate where doctors feel they have the right to impose their own moral beliefs?” Tiddle asked the committee. It’s a good question, but one that fell on deaf ears, because who cares about her experience and her loss, right? None of that is more important than ensuring Tiddle didn’t even have the possibility of terminating the pregnancy which, reminder: ended in a stillborn baby.

So by the pro-life/pro-SB25 argument, didn’t that doctor technically kill Tiddle’s baby by choosing not to try and get it the help that it needed? Any abortion arguments are null and void here since the baby didn’t survive anyway. Logic.

Entity reports on the idiotic new Texas anti-abortion bill that thinks doctors shouldn't have to tell pregnant patients information about their own body.

Idiotic new Texas anti-abortion bill thinks doctors shouldn’t have to tell pregnant patients information about their own body. Image via Giphy

But that would be nit-picking, right SB25 supporters? We’re only really steadfast in our beliefs when they can be used in an argument that benefits our side. Forget women losing rights and control over their own bodies, having to deal with immense loss that could have been prevented or perhaps being unexpectedly burdened with medical bills they are not equipped to pay — as long as no woman ever has a choice in her own reproductive health, your job is done.

Well, bravo Texas legislature. You’re bringing yourself one step closer to reigning over a horrifying dystopia like “Divergent” or the inverse of that creepy “utopia” from “Brave New World.”

Entity reports on the ridiculous Texas anti-abortion bill that basically confirms we're living in a crappy dystopian world.

Ridiculous Texas anti-abortion bill basically confirms we’re living in a crappy dystopian world. Good job, Texas. Image via ABC/Giphy

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