Entity explains why we love Corinne.

“Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked, he would be proud.”

Viewers of “The Bachelor” are still picking their chins up off the floor after Corinne spoke those words after losing her top and getting a rose on the latest episode.

Say what you like about this 24-year-old rich girl – and her haters have plenty to say on social media – she’s certainly entertaining.

Award winning TV producer and director Liz Elkington tells ENTITY the allure of a bad girl is perfect for television. “In a world where many of us feel an overwhelming number of rules, restrictions and red tape, women who play by their own rules and will try just about anything can be incredibly appealing.”

She added, “Bad girls draw in an audience as it’s compelling viewing to watch the ‘fairer sex’ act not quite so fair.”

Corinne is ratings gold for ABC’s “The Bachelor” which is getting almost twice as many viewers as its Monday night reality show rival, NBC’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice.”

In the latest episode, the bold blonde tried to get a jump on the competition by taking off her bikini top and having Nick grab her boobs. It worked.

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“My family would kill me if I did that,” said rival contestant Hailey, which was quite a statement about her moral compass considering that just last week she introduced herself to Nick by telling him she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“There’s no way Corinne’s going to win this thing,” Jasmine G. predicted. She is clearly a useless clairvoyant as soon after that Nick eagerly handed Corinne the immunity rose.

“It looks like she got naked so she got the rose,” said Lacey. Thanks Miss Obvious.

“If Nick likes someone who’s just leading with their sexuality, no wonder it’s his fourth time,” said Raven, immediately identifying herself as the smartest woman on the show.

After being dumped repeatedly on national television by women who didn’t want him, Nick Viall seems to be focused on the sure thing this time.

It’s completely and utterly obvious that Nick wants to have sex with Corinne. It’s perhaps surprising it hasn’t happened already –especially from the number of times in the first two episodes she has pushed other girls aside to make out with the prize.

Corinne seems to embrace her villain tag, bragging to the other women about being the first of them to kiss Nick, declaring her love for him, forcing confrontations with the other ladies, lecturing them on how they should behave and repeatedly interrupting their time with Nick to steal him away for herself – all the while getting merry on the free champagne served up the show.

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The go-getting daughter of the boss of an as yet unspecified “multi-million dollar company,” she’s in “The Bachelor” to win it and using her sexuality as her weapon.

Others seem to think they can beat her by sheer will of personality. If any of them have seen Nick on TV before, they should have disavowed themselves of that notion.

Corinne and Nick are currently the most watchable duo on all of television. The other girls might as well give up now. She’s got this won.

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