Troop leader steals girl scout cookies to the tune of $15,000, Entity reports.

A former Girl Scout troop leader in Kentucky is being indicted after stealing $15,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies.

Leah Ann Vick, 26, apparently picked up the cookies her troop AND another troop were meant to sell and then vanished into thin air. No one can find her.

Now, I don’t condone stealing at all. But I’ve gotta say, that’s my kinda heist. Although I would never put myself in that position to begin with. I mean, cookie mom? No way. I could not have that many Tagalongs in my house and not be tempted to pop open at least a few boxes.

But of course, $15,000 worth of cookies is another story. According to Grub Street, official Girl Scout records show that Vick hasn’t even sold any of the boxes that she stole, meaning she really did just have a pretty severe Girl Scout cookie craving.

Then again, what exactly are these “official Girl Scout records?” Couldn’t she have just sold cookies on the street or door to door like, you know, Girl Scouts? Do the boxes have chips in them or something?

Because if you think about it, that could be a pretty lucrative side job. I bet drunk people would pay a pretty penny for a box of Thin Mints or Caramel Delights. Or maybe that’s just me? Damn, I really want some Tagalongs now.

Either way, I feel you Leah Ann… but also, the authorities are on to you. So, better enjoy those cookies while you can, because I’m guessing you’ll be all out of [Savannah] Smiles when they’re reading you your Miranda rights.

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