Entity reports on Donald Trump and TMZ Founder Harvey Levin.


So the burning question really is…how is it possible that our President – as successful and smart a reality television personality as he is – can find time to meet with the head of TMZ to discuss his next show while simultaneously minding the store in the Oval Office? ENTITY broke the news about Donald Trump and Harvey Levin’s meet up that made us question his already questionable priorities.  As we know, Mr. Trump has a lot more political appointees to name, so it is not as if he has a full staff in place and can take a few hours off to deal with something that has no relevance to governing our nation.

Seems to me that this is something he should be doing either four or eight years from now (hopefully four?) and not at the beginning of his first term as President.  Not to mention, the burning question of what constitutes a conflict of interest is once again front and center.

I must admit, until the Trump inauguration, I did not know that there is no law requiring POTUS to place all of their assets into a blind trust during their presidency to avoid conflicts of interest.  In fact, there is no law to this effect, but all previous Presidents during my lifetime have voluntarily taken whatever steps are necessary to avoid even an appearance of questionable connections between their decisions and how those decisions might impact their personal wealth.

Donald Trump seems to care not about this.  We are to accept that his sons are handling business for the Trump empire and thus not discussing it with him at the dinner table.  One of Trump’s other great triumphs beyond “The Apprentice” was “The Art of the Deal” and if you read this book, you can deduce that it would be almost impossible for a business addict like Donald Trump to ignore matters of the family biz while hanging with his family members…who happen to be running the place in his “absence.”

I don’t know about you, but I am disturbed by what feels like a lack of genuine concern about conflicts of interest by our President.  Just last week my husband was in Vancouver, B.C. for a conference and visited the brand new, just-opened Trump Hotel there.  What a great business model… a real estate investor pays the Trump organization a royalty to use their name and brand.  Usually a percentage of revenue right off the top.  Now if you had a brilliant set-up like this in multiple cities throughout the world – and the Trump Organization has exactly this – and you were President, how would you not be just a wee bit favorable toward trade and tourism policies in those countries?

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