ENTITY presents unique baby names from around the world.

In the world of Apple, North and Blue Ivy it can seem impossible to find unique baby names that aren’t already taken by those darn celebrity babies (like they don’t already have EVERYTHING).  You may just have to look outside of your native language to find a truly special name for your child. After all, the era of naming kids  Johnny or Ashley is over. This is the era of naming your children after fruits, directions and colors.

There are still a lot of unique baby names out there. Here’s a list of beautiful words from languages around the world that make the most unique baby names. One of them may just be the perfect name for your own child. With this list, you can be sure your kid won’t get mixed up with the other Michael M.’s or Sarah B.’s.

1 Irida

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names from different languages.

Irida is the modern Greek word for Iris, the goddess of rainbows in Ancient Greek Mythology. The word rolls off of the tongue like a rainbow pouring into a pot of gold. It’s sweet, short and sure to highlight the many colors of your child’s vibrant personality.

2 Etoile

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names and their meanings.

Etoile is the French word for star. Known as the language of love, French is full of words you can’t help but say with passion. This makes it the perfect language for a baby name since we can’t help but speak about our beloved babies without passion either. With a name like Etoile, your child will shine brighter than the sun!

3 Constellate

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names from different languages and their meanings.

Coming from English, the word constellate means to gather together, much like your family and friends are sure to do over the birth of your child. Constellate is the perfect name for a child who is sure to bring people together. This name is sure to emphasize that your child is a constellation of cuteness! Plus, you can call your baby Stella for short!

4 Ilona

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names from different languages and what they mean.

Ilona is the name of the queen of the fairies in Hungarian folklore. In the legends Ilona is brave, spunky and majestic. A true royal of the natural world! With this unique baby name your child who is sure to be a natural leader, full of courage and grace.

5 Ra

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names from different languages and what they mean.

Ra is the name of the sun god in Ancient Egyptian mythology. According to myth, Ra would travel around the earth in a golden carriage. Like Egyptians celebrating the sunrise, you are sure to celebrate the birth of your child. Ra is the perfect name for a baby who grows up brave and powerful, determined to rise every day with greatness. Your world is sure to revolve around this new sunshine in your life!

6 Orenda

ENTITY presents a list of 10 unique baby names.

Orenda is an Iroquoisian word that depicts a supernatural force in all beings. The Iroquois people believe it to be “the spiritual force by which human accomplishment is attained or accounted for.” This beautiful word is perfect for the child who grows up to be full of strength and power. The supernatural meaning is perfect for the out-of-this-world beauty of a newly born baby.

7 Mangata

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names from languages across the world.

This unusual Swedish word describes the reflection of the moon on the water. Even saying this word feels soothing, like sitting on the shore late at night. Mangata is a great name for the soft but sturdy child, whose strength is manifested in a calming presence. It’s especially great for babies born during water zodiac signs.

8 Eonia

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names and their meanings.

Eonia is the Greek word for eternity, which is precisely how long your love for your baby will last. Saying this word out loud feels like you are singing the beginning of an ancient lullaby. Because it is almost comprised entirely of vowels, the word feels gentle without any harsh edges or breaks. Perfect for that gentle new life you created! With a name like Eonia, your child is sure to grow up with endless compassion and love.

9 Gigil

ENTITY presents 10 unique baby names and what they mean.

Gigil is an adorable Filipino word for an overpowering urge to pinch something you think is cute. We know you won’t be able to resist pinching the cheeks of your newborn and how could we blame you! This is a great name for a baby so sweet they cause cute aggression! With a name like this, your baby’s cheeks are sure to be rosy.

10 Serendipia

ENTITY lists 10 unique baby names.

This is the Spanish word for, you guessed it, serendipity. When you finally meet your newborn face to face, you’re going to feel like you struck gold. This elegant name rolls off the tongue so that you’ll never want to stop calling out your baby’s name. Although, it might be hard to say this one in an angry tone when your baby becomes a teenager. This is the perfect name to bless your baby with the gift of luck and fortune.

Naming your child can set the tone for their whole life. We know how much your child means to you, and with these beautiful and unique baby names, you can be sure to find one just as special as your little loved one.

Edited by Chloe Lew

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