ENTITY shares the power of confessed unrequited love

Love hurts — especially when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

Unrequited love can take many forms. Whether you’ve fallen in love with a coworker or a best friend, there is no pain or frustration quite like that of unrequited love.

Thankfully, though, a recent reddit thread has popped up to give support to a woman who beautifully confessed her unrequited love for her friend, “B.”

ENTITY shares the power of confessed unrequited love

“It’s true. I love you, B. I have tried not to. Maybe for both our sakes. I have spent years trying to be patient and understanding, trying to remind myself how lucky I am to have such a fun and inspiring friend. But honestly I feel foolish for allowing myself to cultivate a love for you that is unreciprocated, undesired, and uncomprehended. I feel foolish for continuing to love you despite knowing that your wonderful friendship does not include any interest in exploring what it means to love someone else, now or in the foreseeable future,” user indyrey posted.

Read on for some of the supportive messages indyrey received, and for some heartfelt advice for all broken-hearted people:

1. Love Doesn’t Care.

“Wow. This was so well-said. I dream of the day where a woman has an ounce of these feelings for me.”

I’d say the man is a fool, but I know that won’t help you in the slightest. Love doesn’t seem to care who the person we love really is.”

2. Sweet Relief

“A few months ago I did confess that I loved him and hinted that I want to experiment with him. I did feel great relief and like you said, left the ball in his court. But because we are best friends I still see him every week and still have the same feelings, only now he knows and I still can’t show it.”

“In a way I’m looking forward to him leaving. But him and his girlfriend want me to move in with them out of state. That would be very interesting… and most likely bad for me.”

3. Driving me insane

“So glad I came here. I could send this letter as is to my best friend and it would speak for me (Minus the Tanzania part and being a woman).”

You put to words many things I’ve been feeling and couldn’t express.”

“I would hate to end my friendship, but this unrequited love is driving me insane. I’ve already told him how I feel and he simply doesn’t see me that way. But I want more… I need more.”

4. Love yourself first.

“Let’s also remember that if these people are not kneeling at our feet and begging to be with us, then they do not deserve our love.”

“Now let’s take the time and energy we previously invested in loving them and put it into loving ourselves!”

Fortunately, there were some amazing people on the Internet to give this woman a virtual hug.

Here’s hoping should you ever have to face the harsh burn of unrequited love, that you have just as supportive a group to help you through it.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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