Entity shares 9 islands you should visit before sea level rise threatens their existence. (islands sea level)

Did you ever dream of visiting an exotic island for vacation? Maybe as a child, you enjoyed the idea of swimming in crystal waters and plenty of sea creatures to find. Or, as an adult, you preferred daydreaming about the cute local boys, enjoying a cocktail on the beach or rockin’ a tan when you return to work.

According to Business Insider, you should book that island vacation sooner than later. Compared to 1870, global sea levels have risen by 20 centimeters – and could rise another meter by the end of the century. What does that mean for you? Some of the best island vacation destinations might soon sink into the sea. You know that bucket list you made a while back and stashed deep into your sock drawer? Well, it’s time to take it out! There’s not as much time as you’d hoped to do all thing you planned to do. Not because you’re ill, but because our planet Earth has been abused for so long that it’s taking a toll on it. Sea levels are rising and that’s a fact. Studies have been conducted to verify that it’s more than just an illusion and well…it’s real.

There are several islands that are extremely threatened due to this find. Their locations put them in jeopardy of vanishing completely. If and when this happens, these jewels will no longer be vacation destinations and instead become a thing of the past. So pack up your suitcase, let your boss know you’ll be back soon, and let’s take a trip. Here are 9 islands you’re going to want to explore before only you can only visit by submarine!

1 Bora Bora

Bora Bora means “first born” in the Tahitian language, making it a fitting start for this list of dream island vacations. At Bora Bora lies the dormant Mt. Otemanu volcano. Besides exploring the center of this island, you can explore is the magnificent turquoise water that surrounds it. This is a top vacation spot that just screams luxury. The best part of all? You can reserve bungalows perched on stilts about the lagoon.  How many people can say they’ve not only walked on water, but also lived over it?

2 Marshall Islands

For the history enthusiasts, this enchanting island is home to a ship graveyard dating back to World War II. Divers can enjoy exploring these artifacts along with the underwater volcanic islands and coral atolls. According to WikiTravel, vacationers should be aware that many of the islands have become polluted on land and in the surrounding water. The site suggests visiting a separate atoll like Arno, which is less polluted and boasts the expected beauty of an island paradise. Seeing  shouldn’t be too hard since the waters are clear as can be.

3 Maldives

Are you ready and raring to travel, like, now? Then you should definitely stop by the Maldives first! This should be your first stop and I’ll tell you why. Maldives is the lowest lying island on this list and is perhaps the most at risk from with the rising of sea levels it may just be the first to go. Maldives is especially famous for its vacationing hotels and elegance. If you want a side of edible adventure with your island getaway, you must check out Ithaa Undersea. This is a restaurant that is literally underwater! You can just imagine the serenity. Not to mention this is one travel story your foodie friends will drool over!

4 Fiji

You might know about Fiji from those fancy water bottles, but this South Pacific island is best known for its beauty. Other than those water bottles, this island in the South Pacific is a haven for beauty. Fiji’s beaches are filled with calming white sand and tall, stunning palm trees. If you’re looking to get away from your hectic life, Fiji is your perfect destination! Because Fiji is spaced out, you can feel like you’ve discovered a remote, peaceful paradise.

5 Kiribati

These 33 islands in the Central Pacific earn the most fame from their fishing game. Fishing not your thang? No worries! You can still enjoy the nature tropical scenery- as well as an astounding variety of birdlife- by boat or yacht. According to Kiribati Holidays, divers can also explore one of the largest coral atoll in the world while surfers can take advantage of the islands’ clean, clear waters. If you’re interested in different cultural traditions, you’ll enjoy getting to know the natives of Kiribati. The people of Kiribati still hold traditional ceremonies, build their homes and canoes from natural materials and create unique handicrafts. The people are said to be very welcoming to tourists and you just might enjoy a celebration.

6 Seychelles

You might have a hard time pronouncing its name, but enjoying the islands of Seychelles is easy! Seychelles is a series of islands in the Indian Ocean known for its tourism. These islands are located off the east coast of Africa, offering a range of gorgeous nature sites. If you’re looking for sandy beaches, rainforests or mesmerizing coral reefs, this is the place for you.

7 Solomon Islands

This melting pot of the Pacific is perfect for underwater enthusiasts with activities such as snorkeling and diving. This island’s main charm lies is the beauty of its shore and in the waters below. For the history buff, you can explore the numerous World War II artifacts left behind after the war’s end. According to Visit Solomons, these include sunken warships, oil tankers and seaplanes (that can be accessed by snorkeling or, in some cases, scuba diving) as well as rusting jeeps, tanks and other vehicles found at several battle sites on land.

8 New Caledonia

The world’s largest lagoon (created by a long coral reef barrier) is one of many highlights of this destination. New Caledonia also boasts several rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, flowers and species of birds. In fact, if you’re interested in animals or ecology, you’ll love the diversity of animal species found in New Caledonia. According to Nppt Duesseldorf, professional divers will be blown away by the clear waters filled with diverse creatures like parrotfish, blue rocklings, groupers, leopard rays and Spanish lobsters. The species diversity among New Caledonia is the greatest of all and several of the species can only be found on this island.

9 Palau

Want to brag about diving in one of the best spots in the world? Then check out the country of Palau, which includes over 250 tiny islands. Mostly known for its scuba diving, you’re sure to likely spot a shark or two while exploring the popular dive site, Blue Corner. Another popular place to explore is Jellyfish Lake, which is exactly what it sounds like: hundreds and hundreds of jellyfish dancing around in the picturesque blue water.

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