ENTITY discusses how water bottling companies are affecting the drought. (bottling companies drought)

The talk of California being in a drought is not a new discussion. For people in other states, they may make a joke of it and tease Californians for not having any water, but for those in the state, the onset of the drought could cause many to suffer. This is why many are angry at factories continuing to bottle water within the state, draining water during an alarming time.

Nestlé, who has five plants in California, is the main company that is facing attack for operating water bottling facilities. The Sacramento plant has especially been under scrutiny, but Nestlé has no plans to stop production in the state.

“The water we use to make our products is not wasted,” as stated on the Nestlé website. “It is used efficiently and effectively, and bottled so that it can be drunk as part of a healthy diet.”

There are regulations set for Californians to reduce their water usage, so should the same be set for water companies who are bottling water and selling it?

According to CNN, “In addition to Nestlé, other big bottlers include Pepsi (PEP), which bottles Aquafina; Coca-Cola (CCE), which bottles Dasani; and Crystal Geyser.”

Starbucks decided to move production of their Ethos brand bottled water to Pennsylvania in a conservation effort. Moving all of the plants out of the state would not solve the drought crisis, but would be an effort towards reducing water usage.

If you want to begin living a lifestyle that helps to conserve water, go to saveourwater.com for tips and information on what you should do. Also, visit drought.ca.gov to stay up to date with the latest regulations and any emergency warnings.

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